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Bifocal Glasses are Great for Multiple Vision Problems

Bifocal glasses feature two distinct optical powers – distance and near. These glasses are ideal for folks who need vision correction for myopia, hyperopia, and/or astigmatism. Similarly, they are prescribed by eye care specialists for individuals with presbyopia. Bifocals have one lens with many functions and powers. For example, the near power allows you to read or view objects up close without eyestrain. The distance power lets you focus on objects that are far away. features a range of stylish bifocals at cost-affordable prices. These spectacles are perfect for those that vision problems with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Marvel Optics features Bifocal Reading Glasses at Low Prices

Marvel Optics is your source for the best in eyewear and accessories. We showcase a fine selection of bifocal reading glasses for the entire family. These glasses make homework, reading, or projects easier with the true optical performance. Here are some more benefits of bifocal eyeglasses at amazingly low prices:

  • Bifocal reading glasses reduce eyestrain and increase focus for reading or working on the computer.
  • This eyewear is available full-rimmed, semi-rimmed, or rimless models. No line bifocals are also available which offer a stylish element to your spectacles.
  • Premium lens coatings can be added, including UV protection, tints, and anti-glare/reflective film.
  • Purchasing bifocal eyeglasses at Marvel Optics saves you time and money. We offer a range of discounts, sales, and frames starting as low as $5.95.

Buy Bifocals Online with True Discounts and Savings

Buy bifocals online and get the styles and adjustments you need. As we age, our vision becomes impaired in a number of ways. For one, distance vision tends to get blurry when driving or trying to focus on far-away objects. Secondly, near vision tends to weaken when reading or spending countless hours on computers or tablets. With this in mind, bifocal eyeglasses combine two prescriptions into one for better visual performance.

The upper portion of the lens corrects distance vision while the lower portion magnifies objects up close. Bifocals are simply the perfect solution since they eliminate the need of using two pairs of glasses – reading and everyday use. The distinct line separates two prescriptions in each lens so you can control your vision as desired. offers high-quality bifocal eyeglasses at discounted rates. These spectacles are durable and designed to last for years to come. Visit our online store today for the latest in bifocals and experience the difference.

Bifocal Eyeglasses FAQs

How do bifocal glasses work?

Bifocal glasses feature two types of prescription lenses connected together in one lens. The top half is designed to see objects from far away (distant) when walking or driving. The bottom half is used to see objects nearby (near) when reading or working on the computer.

Wearers can easily shift between the two prescriptions for optimal comfort and better vision. has high-quality bifocals online at unbeatable prices.

What are bifocal glasses used for?

Bifocals are needed as old age tends to weaken both near and distance vision power. These glasses offer vision correction for folks dealing with myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Bifocal reading glasses reduce eyestrain and headaches while allowing wearers to read or work on their computers comfortably. These spectacles feature a distinct line which allows you to adjust vision for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. Marvel Optics even has no line bifocals with anti-scratch, anti-glare, and other essential features.

What is the difference between bifocal and progressive lenses?

Bifocals and progressive lenses have a lot in common. Both offer vision correction for near and distance – and are comfortable to wear and adjust. However, bifocals feature a distinct line which separates the two prescriptions (near and distant) into one convenient lens.

In contrast, progressives do not have a line and offer a graduated range of vision that varies from distant to near. Progressives are considered the more stylish and trendy of the two – but still designed for optical vision correction.

Are bifocals good for driving?

Bifocal eyeglasses are good for driving or taking your bike out for a ride. These glasses offer great protection against glare with anti-reflective coating. can even polarize or tint the lenses if desired. Here are some more benefits of bifocal driving glasses:

  • Since the RX is already in your lenses, you can easily find a stylish pair of driving sunglasses at
  • These glasses protect your eyes from harmful glare and help you see objects close up or far while on the road.
  • Bifocal driving glasses save time since you no longer have to switch between regular glasses and sunglasses.

Does it take time to get used to bifocals?

You may need some time to get adjusted to your bifocal lenses. Most wearers tend to get used to them after 1-2 weeks. However, it can take longer than that depending on your vision issues and/or needs. Eye care specialists recommend no-line bifocals/progressives for folks who do not like the changes in vision. is always here to answer all your bifocal and eyewear-related questions or concerns.


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