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Tips for Buying Prescription Safety Glasses Online How To Guide

Safety glasses keep you safe at work or during your favorite hobby. If you need to find a new pair of safety glasses, follow these tips to find the best prescription safety glasses online. Compare prescription options, lens coatings and comfortable frame options for quality safety gear matched to your activity.

Assess Safety Hazards

Your eyes are exposed to a number of safety hazards during your work day or while you’re enjoying your favorite hobby. If you’re working in a medical industry, you may need goggles to avoid bloodborne pathogens, chemical splashes or radiation. For construction workers, typical safety hazards include dust, wood chips and other flying projectiles.

Assess the safety hazards related to your project as you shop for glasses. Some hazards require side shields or full lenses, while others only require standard safety eyewear designs.

If your current safety glasses are scratched or cracked, it’s time to order a new pair. Highly rated safety glasses are designed to handle impacts and scratches, but they can become damaged over time. Scratches and imperfections also reduce your field of vision, creating additional hazards.

Understand the Activity

Even the most protective lenses won’t work if they’re constantly falling off, fogging up or letting in painful glare. Consider not only the safety hazards of your activity, but these other factors. Choose a pair of safety glasses with a strap if you’re going to be running or moving quickly. Consider anti-fog, anti-glare or other coatings that address specific inconveniences related to your activity. Most safety eyewear have these features to help you see clearly as you work hard in warm conditions or out in direct sunlight.

Look for ANSI Certification

ANSI certification gives you peace of mind that your chosen eyewear offers the protection you need. Most ANSI-approved safety glasses are also OSHA approved, so they should comply with your employment standards for safety. Some lenses that aren’t certified may be safe, but you don’t have the assurance of a set of recognized standards.

Pick the Right Lenses

Do you need safety sunglasses, prescription lenses or an anti-fog coating? Choosing the right lenses is one of the most important decisions when shopping for safety eyewear. Carefully consider your options as you explore lens colors, coatings, shapes and materials.

Most safety lenses are made of polycarbonate. This material is durable enough to meet ANSI standards, but lightweight enough to create a comfort set of glasses.

Find the Proper Fit

When you order prescription safety glasses online, be sure you select the ideal size and shape. Eyewear comes in many different sizes, so you may want to take a few measurements to ensure you’re ordering a set with the proper fit.

Look at arm length and frame width and compare them with a few face measurements. Your chosen eyewear should have a slight gap on the sides of your face and have the right length of arms for a comfortable fit for all-day use.

Apply Prescription Options

The safety eyewear won’t protect you if you can’t see clearly through them. Order eyeglasses with prescription lenses to see clearly on the job or around your home. While many brands have over-the-glasses designs, wearing two pairs of eyewear can be uncomfortable and unnecessary.

Order Prescription Safety Glasses Online

Find the best online prescription safety glasses at Marvel Optics. Shop today to sort and filter your way to the best option for your unique situation. From everyday work wear to stylishly protective sports glasses, these tips help you find the right set of safety glasses at a price you’ll love.


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Can You Order Safety Glasses With Prescription Lenses?

Polycarbonate safety lenses can be designed with a range of prescription options. When you order your glasses online, you can easily enter your desired prescription. This prevents you from wearing safety glasses over your glasses or attempting to work with contact lenses and safety glasses, which can be uncomfortable in many workplaces or hobby situations.

What Is ANSI?

The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, is a non-profit organization that offers voluntary standards for safety. ANSI rated safety glasses are tested and approved to protect against impacts, flying debris and other common hazards in workplace situations. Most workplaces require ANSI-approved safety eyewear when working in hazardous situations or around flying debris.

How Can You Find the Perfect Fit for Safety Glasses?

The arm length, nose piece style and overall weight of safety glasses affect their comfort. If you’re planning on wearing your safety eyewear for routine projects or throughout your work day, then it’s important to find the perfect fit. Measure your face and your desired frames. There should be a small gap around your frames to avoid eyewear that’s too tight or too loose.

Who Makes the Most Comfortable Safety Glasses?

There are many name-brand prescription safety glasses manufacturers. Wiley X, OG and Adidas all offer high-quality safety glasses. Compare styles, prices and other features to find the best option for you. When you shop online, you can easily compare customer ratings and other features to find the brand that other customers feel is most comfortable.

What Are the Best Safety Glasses?

The best safety glasses depend on your chosen activity. For example, safety eyewear for outdoor projects should be polarized or tinted. The best eyewear for playing sports or performing other fast-paced activities may be safety goggles, rather than traditional glasses. Consider your typical project and the safety hazards you may face before you order the best safety glasses for your personal situation

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