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When you need prescription glasses to correct your vision, you still want the improvements they offer when you're outdoors or when you're working. Purchasing a separate pair of prescription safety glasses or sunglasses can be costly, though. Transition lenses help resolve this conundrum by darkening when exposed to UV rays. There are three main ways to activate your transition lenses so that you can adapt to wearing them more quickly.

1. Expose Lenses to Sunlight

Getting used to transition lenses can be a challenge, but most people are happy with them once they adjust to the convenience. The easiest way to darken your transition lenses is to wear them in direct sunlight. Because most windows have some UV protection, your glasses won’t necessarily take on a tint every time you stand near the panes. This feature is helpful if you work in an office designed to let in a lot of natural light.

It’s less convenient if your lenses don’t get darker when you need them to see out your car’s windshield. If, however, you roll down the window, the UV rays in the sunlight will trigger the tint on your glasses to change. Alternatively, you can ask your doctor about transition lenses that are specifically formulated to respond to either UV or bright lights. Then, either stimulus can prompt the lenses to darken, even if the other factor is not present.

2. Wear Prescription Glasses Outdoors

Transition lenses are popular with people who work outside. They don’t have to worry about keeping an extra pair of sunglasses or safety glasses that either have their prescription or fit over their regular frames. They can just wear the same pair all day.

When you wear your prescription safety glasses with transition lenses to the work site, they immediately begin to adjust to protect your eyes from the sun the moment they are exposed to it. Then, as you step into the shade, they readjust to let in more light. You can experience optimal vision no matter where you’re working without having to switch glasses.

3. Use Artificial UV Lighting

People who work with artificial UV light must be particularly vigilant about protecting their eyes, as the beams from these sources can do even more damage than the sun. There are several places where UV lights are often part of the standard practice:

  • Medical practices
  • Dental offices
  • Tanning salons
  • Phototherapy clinics
  • Gardening centers

Prescription glasses with transition lenses are made with UV-blocking technology. They not only make your eyes more comfortable but also keep harmful rays from shining through.

If you are often outside or exposed to artificial UV rays, or you just like the convenience of having one pair of glasses you can wear no matter where you are, transition lenses may be a good choice for you. Ask the experts at Marvel Optics about transition lens options when you order your next pair of prescription glasses.

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What Are the Benefits of Wearing Transition Lenses?

Purchasing transition lenses with your prescription can save you money by serving all your needs with one pair of glasses. It is also more convenient not to have to switch glasses every time you walk in or out of a building, and they reduce glare even when you’re indoors. As you get used to the way your glasses adjust to let in just the right amount of light, you may wonder how you ever lived without them.

Why Is It Important To Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays?

The sun is the main source of UV light. The more direct exposure your eyes have to UV rays over time, the higher your risk of problems such as skin cancer around the eyes, macular degeneration and cataracts. Transition lenses protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB rays.

Do Transition Lenses Work on Rainy Days?

Because they adapt to any UV light, your transition lenses will work just as well when there are clouds in the sky as they do on sunny days. They may not get as dark as usual, but they will still adjust according to the saturation of light and UV.

How Much Do Transition Lenses Typically Cost?

Another benefit of transition lenses is that they usually only add about $100 to the cost you are already paying for your prescription lenses and frames. This is especially appealing when you compare it to the price of prescription sunglasses, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

How Long Do Transition Lenses Last?

As long as you wear them as directed and do not expose them to excessive heat or corrosive elements, your transition lenses should last for up to two years. That means that as long as your prescription doesn’t change by the time your next yearly checkup is due, you can still expect to benefit from the protection and convenience of the light adaptive lenses.

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Best Prescription Glasses

WileyX Profile

WileyX Profile

The WileyX WorkSight series of frames includes prescription-ready safety glasses. The Profile style has rectangular frames with full rims. Triloid frames and polycarbonate lenses meet the American National Standards Institute Z87.1-2010 high velocity and mass impact requirements and U.S. federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration 1910.133(b)(1)(1) standards. These glasses come with a fold-over case, removable side shields and a drawstring storage pouch.

Profile frames may be available in several color choices such as Gloss Brown Demi, Gloss Green Demi, Matte Hickory Brown, and Matte Black. This eyewear can accommodate single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses. Check the frame size and dimensions to determine whether Wiley X Profile can provide the best fit for daily, occupational or activewear.

ArmourX 6001

ArmourX 6001

Another popular frame style ready for prescription lenses is ArmourX 6001. These plastic glasses with polycarbonate lenses meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. Large black rectangle frames wrap around the wearer’s face. While these glasses are compatible with single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses, the base curve may not be the best choice for high Rx lenses.

The 6001 style frames from ArmourX are suitable for on-the-job or activewear. A lightweight frame design is paired with lenses treated to resist dust, fog, reflections and scratches. When fitted with clear or tinted lenses, this eyewear provides protection from ultraviolet rays. This style is popular because it is comfortable and stylish enough to wear inside and outside while doing a wide range of activities.



A double bridge distinguishes Shellshore by Marvel Optics apart from other metal rectangular frames. This small feature draws attention upward toward the browline, which can be helpful for balancing the features of a round, oval, triangle or diamond-shaped face and adding an element of style. These full-rim glasses come in a small size and accommodate single vision lenses.

Rectangle-shaped frames with a double bridge are ideal for oval and oblong face shapes. Check the measurements of these frames to determine whether Shellshore is the right safety prescription glasses style for you. These frames may be available in colors such as blue, gunmetal or jet black.

M-Line Brave

M-Line Brave

Brave frames by M-Line have on-trend vintage styling at an affordable price. These round acetate full-rim glasses have spring hinges. Some versions combine black frame fronts and colored temples. Single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses can all be fitted into these frames, as can high Rx prescriptions. An anti-scratch coating maintains optical clarity for comfortable wear and value.

Check the dimensions of Brave frames to determine whether this style is the best choice for your face. Men and women can both sport this retro style. Choose from several shades such as matte black with navy temples, matte black with red temples and matte black. You can also customize this style with clear or tinted lenses.



One of the most popular prescription frame styles for women is Katelyn by Marvel Optics. These cat-eye full-rim frames are another vintage style updated for modern wear. Plastic frame fronts and temples feature textural details for a unique look. The best online prescription glasses for women are compatible with single vision, bifocal, progressive lenses and high Rx prescriptions.

If you have an oval or pear-shaped face, you may want to consider Katelyn frames. These glasses can be fitted with clear or tinted lenses with an anti-scratch coating for vision correction or sun protection. These glasses come in a medium size. Check the dimensions of this eyewear to determine whether it will provide the best fit. Marvel Optics makes more prescription-ready styles for women.