How often are you exposed to blue light throughout the day? Blue light comes from sunlight, LED lighting and digital devices. Natural blue light exposure helps set your body’s natural clock, but too much light in this color range during the evening and night can cause eye strain and affect your sleep. Find out how to shop for blue light glasses at MarvelOptics today to keep your eyes protected.

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Find the Right Lens Color

Eyeglasses to protect against blue light use a specific color to block a percentage of light. You may see orange, red or clear lenses. All of them use the same basic technology. Blue light blocking glasses filter out blue light while letting other rays pass through your glasses and come in contact with your eyes. This allows you to clearly see without being exposed to too much blue.

Clear lenses are the most inconspicuous, so they are typically the most popular. Orange lenses were once thought to offer a great balance of partial blue light, but it’s now recommended to use either clear or red lenses that fully block blue light at night. You can swap these glasses out for daytime, clear ones that allow you to still enjoy a healthy amount of blue light during the day.

Choosing clear lenses also allows you to use more comfortable eyewear to protect your eyes. Red lenses take some time to get used to and have a different look. Clear lenses blend in and can come in similar frames as your everyday eyeglasses.
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Swap Daytime and Nighttime Glasses

Swapping blue light glasses for sunglasses or regular glasses is a great way to balance your circadian rhythm. Wearing blue glasses all day can block too much light, which doesn’t allow you to enjoy healthy sunlight during the day. This could affect your sleep cycle in the same way as having too much blue light.

On the other hand, blue light at night can be harmful. Instead of attempting to find a pair that offers the ideal amount of blue light throughout the day, simply swap fully blocking glasses in the evening with your favorite pair of regular glasses during the day. The goal isn’t to have no blue light at all, but to strike a balance between daytime exposure and nighttime protection.

Compare Frames

Now that you know the ideal lenses for your glasses, it’s time to shop for frames. It’s best to choose frames that are comfortable enough for daily use. Choose a stylish set that highlights your sense of style or matches your outfit. When you shop at MarvelOptics, you can receive prescription blue light glasses that are affordable enough to select a few pairs for different occasions.

Order an Affordable Pair Today

Don’t continue to harm your eyes with blue light late at night. Shop for blue light glasses that keep your eyes safe and still allow you to see with your regular prescription. Create a healthy balance of sunshine and protection from your digital devices with a pair of daytime and a pair of evening glasses.

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