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If you have experienced eye strain or had trouble sleeping after looking at digital screens, you may have heard that blue light could be the culprit. This is the portion of the visible light spectrum with short wavelengths. It is also closely associated with sunlight and the screens on computers, televisions and mobile devices. Wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses may be the answer for you.

How Prescription Blue Light Glasses Work

The idea behind blue light glasses is simple: they have a filter that reduces (but doesn’t eliminate) the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes. Blue light is believed to be quite hard on your eyes. So, keeping it away can have many benefits. This filter is available with both prescription and non-prescription glasses.

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Although there is not a lot of conclusive research yet, there are many reported benefits of blue light glasses. These are some of the most significant:

  • Reduced eyestrain – especially from digital screen usage
  • Improved sleep – blue light mimics sunlight
  • Prevention of various eye diseases – some research suggests that they can help but should not be relied upon solely

Order Your Anti Blue Light Glasses Today

Would you like to get more sleep and reduce eyestrain? Order a pair of standard or prescription blue light glasses from Marvel Optics. You can select a pair of frames you like and we will customize them with a blue light filter. Place your order today.

Blue Light Glasses FAQs

Where Can I Order Blue Light Glasses?

You can order both prescription and non-prescription blue light glasses from Marvel Optics. We carry a broad selection of frames in both casual and safety styles. Just search our catalog for a pair you like then customize your frames with the options on the product page.

How Do I Order Prescription Blue Light Glasses?

When you select a pair of frames you like on Marvel Optics, choose the “Prescription Lens” option then click the “Customize Lens” button. You will have a chance to select various lens options. The final stage of the customization process lets you upload, send or enter your prescription.

How Much Do Anti Blue Light Glasses Help?

Many users report a significant improvement in eye strain when looking at digital screens for extended times. However, it is important to note that everyone’s experience is a little different. This is likely caused by varying circumstances and screens.

Can You Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses All Day?

Yes, it is safe to wear blue light glasses all day. They simply filter some blue light which can be very harsh on your eyes. Many people choose to only wear them while using a digital screen. However, there is no known drawback to wearing them at other times.

Should I Order Blue Light Glasses?

If you are experiencing eye strain and fatigue, especially while using digital screens for extended periods, this may be a good option for you. However, if you are having any vision problems or persisting issues, you should consult a medical professional for advice.


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