Teaching classes online can add several hours of screen time to an educator’s schedule. Whereas teachers may have relied on a computer or tablet primarily for lesson preparation in the past, a growing number of school districts and institutions of higher education are completely remote. When both preparation and instruction take place virtually, teachers end up spending long hours looking at screens. Here are five of the best blue light glasses to reduce eye strain and make it easier to stay focused during distanced learning.

man wearing blue light glasses1. Hudson SL-4-6Hudson SL-4-6 Blue Light Glasses

Hudson SL-4-6 frames are rectangular full metal rim frames. Hudson Optical makes glasses that are compatible with blue light blocking lenses. An option for side shields makes these frames ideal for environments requiring protection from eye safety hazards and blue light.

2. Gunnar Vertex

Gunnar Vertex Blue Light Glasses

The eyewear brand Gunnar specializes in computer and gaming glasses that block blue light. These conservative yet modern frames can accentuate the wearer’s eyes on camera during virtual classes. Amber-tinted lenses enhance contrast and comfort as you make lesson plans, teach and grade.

3. Wiley X Contour

Wiley X Contour Blue Light Glasses

Wiley X Contour glasses are unisex wingtip-inspired statement frames. Rectangular lenses provide a wide field of vision and blue light protection. Choose from several frame colors with clear or tinted prescription or plano lenses.

4. Erlangen

Erlangen Blue Light Glasses

A pair of affordable square full rim frames by M-Line come in a medium frame size. These blue light blocking glasses can accommodate single vision, bifocal, no-line progressive or plano lenses.

5. Hudson EconomyLine EL-6

Hudson EconomyLine EL-6 Blue Light Glasses

These budget-oriented Hudson Optical frames are perfect for wearing while working on screens. Teachers can appreciate the stylish design of these square frames, which maintain a wide field of vision.

Lenses that block blue light can reduce eye strain and fatigue during a day spent working on computers, tablets and other devices that have backlit screens. You may want to follow and recommend the 20-20-20 rule in the classroom: every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break to focus on objects situated least 20 feet away. A combination of protective eyewear and good eye health practices can reduce strain and facilitate online teaching.

woman wearing blue light glasses in front of her laptop


How do I order blue light glasses?

Start by picking your favorite frames. You can customize almost any pair of glasses classified as computer glasses with lenses that block the preferred percentage of blue light in addition to ultraviolet radiation. Eyewear brands that specialize in computer glasses may pair frame styles with tinted blue-light blocking non-prescription lenses.

Can prescription glasses cut blue light?

Single vision or multifocal prescription lenses can also block blue light. Depending on the brand of eyewear, you may have the option to choose from a range of blue light blocking powers. Clear and tinted lenses are both effective for reducing the amount of blue light that reaches wearers’ eyes.

Are anti-glare lenses helpful for screen use?

Lenses that cut glare can reduce eye strain. Some brands and styles of glasses are compatible with lenses that have an anti-glare coating and also cut blue light. These features are most useful if you work on backlit screens in low-light conditions in the early morning, evening or at night.

Do clear lenses filter blue light?

Clear lenses provide a comparable level of blue light blocking to tinted lenses. Some wearers find lenses with a light amber or yellow tint helpful for increasing contrast and counteracting the brightness of the percentage of visible light that passes through the lenses of plano or prescription blue light glasses.

What are the best lens tints for screen use?

Amber and yellow are the most effective and popular computer glasses lens colors. Gunnar, a brand specializing in computer and gaming eyewear, offers clear lenses with a Blue Light Protection Factor of 35 or amber lenses with BLPF ratings ranging from 65 up to 98 that have corresponding tint levels.

No matter which brand of eyewear you choose to wear while teaching, it is important to select frames that provide a comfortable fit. Depending on your vision needs, you may be able to wear one pair of single vision or multifocal prescription glasses for all teaching-related tasks. Browse a full selection of frames for the right pair of blue light glasses to reduce strain and protect your eyes.