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Protect your Eyes with Affordable Digital Eyeglasses at Marvel Optics

Digital eyeglasses have truly revolutionized the eyewear industry in recent years. With high-grade lenses made from digital scans of your eyes, these spectacles give you clearer and sharper vision when working on the computer. They also offer a wider vision range for reading or viewing distant objects without eyestrain.

Digital eyewear uses the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) technologies to create custom lenses that meet your prescription vision needs. With a seamless transition between reading, distance, and intermediate zones, digital eyeglasses are available at Marvel Optics at amazingly low prices.

Find Cost-Effective Computer Glasses Online that Block Harmful Blue Light

Blue light glasses filter out the higher end of the blue light spectrum. While some blue light is okay for the eyes, excessive exposure can result in digital eye strain and migraines. This can negatively affect your circadian rhythm and leave you with computer vision syndrome. Marvel Optics features the latest in blue light blocking glasses with these essential features:

  • Anti-glare coating on lenses that protect your eyes from digital strain when working on computers or using smartphones.
  • ANSI Z87 and OSHA certified computer glasses that are built strong and designed to last for years to come. Adjustable nose pads with rubber temples are also available for optimal comfort and fit.
  • Blue light blockers are available for prescription and non-prescription glasses alike. Visit our digital eyewear store today for the best prices and discounts on computer glasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Protect your Eyes When Working on Computers or Tablets

Blue light glasses protect your eyes if you are working on computer screens all day long. In fact, The Vision Council states that over 200 million Americans are currently dealing with digital eye strain (DES). They are also experiencing eye discomfort when using phones and digital devices for more than two hours at a time.  With a range of fashionable frames, we offer top-notch blue light glasses with anti-glare and better peripheral vision features.

At Marvel Optics, we are genuinely committed to protecting your eyesight with blue blockers and digital glasses for the entire family. These spectacles are tailor-made to meet your vision correction needs. From progressive and single-vision to bifocals, we carry a wide selection of lenses and stylish frames with easy checkout options.

Digital Eyeglasses FAQs

What is a digital lens for eyeglasses?

Digital lenses are also known as HD lenses in the eyewear industry. They give your prescription glasses a wider field of vision when reading, working on a computer, or viewing distant objects. Digital eyeglasses are created from digital scans of your eyes – so they are unique to your prescription and truly an innovative way to improve overall vision acuity.

Are digital progressive lenses better?

Digital progressive lenses are better since they give you a 40% wider field of vision. This increases your peripheral vision with improved transition between distance and reading zones. This digital RX eyewear is even easy to get used to when working in front of computer screens and devices.

What are digital free form lenses?

Digital free form lenses are tailor-made to protect your eyes and increase optical performance. This free-form digital manufacturing process utilizes computer-aided design (CAD) to create high-quality, customized eyeglass lenses that fit your unique prescription.

As an industry leader in digital eyewear, features a myriad of digital glasses that protect your eyes when working on computers, tablets, or devices for hours on end.

What are digital progressive glasses?

Digital progressive glasses feature lenses that minimize peripheral distortion. Like bifocals, these progressive spectacles have no lines and help correct distance and near vision. They also showcase a third lens portion for intermediate distance – which is ideal for computer screens, tablets, and other digital devices. Digital progressive eyewear even block out harmful and nagging blue light from these units.

What is digital eyewear?

Digital eyewear feature HD lenses that are customized precisely for your unique eyes. At Marvel Optics, we specialize in digital spectacles and lenses at cost-affordable prices. Here are some of the benefits of this form of high-grade eyewear:

  • Cutting-edge lenses that make everything you see sharper, vivid, and clearer.
  • Digital eyeglasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light that emanates from prolonged use of computers, tablets, and wireless devices.
  • Digital eyewear lenses are meticulously designed with the latest in CAD software to meet your individual RX prescription needs.
  • Digital eyeglasses are made from a digital scan of your eyes. The results are customized lenses that are created specifically for you with high-end computer technologies.


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