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Browline Eyeglasses are Stylish and Affordable at Marvel Optics

Browline eyeglasses are stylish frames that were very popular back in the 1950s and 1960s. As part of the hipster fashion movement, these retro-design spectacles are ideal for sunglasses or prescription lenses. With a myriad of cool styles and vibrant designs, features prescription browline glasses at cost-affordable prices. These glasses feature unique looks with bold frames that contour the eyes like eyebrows.

Browline eyeglasses express your personality with a comfortable fit. They are aesthetically-pleasing and available with a range of customizable options. Browline spectacles are single-piece glasses with an acetate keyhole nose for optimal comfort.

Buy Browline Glasses at the Best Prices in the Eyewear Industry

Make a bold statement with Browline eyeglasses online. From Wayfarer to traditional styles, here are some of the benefits of buying these glasses at Marvel Optics:

  • Long-lasting wear, extra comfort, and optical performance at amazingly low prices.
  • Browline eyeglasses are anti-scratch and ideal for high-RX lenses. With adjustable nose pads, these glasses are great for oval, pear, and square face shapes.
  • Half-rim, gold-wire frames, and durable plastic frames are available for browline spectacles.
  • Trendy, fashionable, and comfortable to wear for that educational and scholarly look.

Whether for prescription or non-prescription lenses, buy Browline glasses today and get the style and vision you deserve.

Finding Browline Eyeglasses Online is Fast and Easy at

Marvel Optics makes it easy to find and buy Browline glasses online. From Black with Silver Rims to Brown Mahogany, we showcase several browline frame colors to match your personality and tastes. Whether for single vision or progressive lenses, you get glasses that are durable with spring hinges and designed to last for years to come. Enjoy their lightweight design with true comfort for year-round use. Browlines simply give wearers a touch of elegance with a bold fashion statement for any occasion.

We can even fit all types of lenses into the Browline frames of your choosing. This includes Cat-Eye, Vintage, Round, Oversized, and other selections. Whether looking for Hipster glasses, Tortoise Shell glasses, or clear eyeglass frames, you have truly come to the right place. At, we offer an array of customized options for your lenses, including tints and more. Simply speak to our customer sales department or get live chat assistance today for orders and product-related questions.

Browline Eyeglasses FAQs

What does Browline glasses mean?

Browline glasses feature retro-designs that were very popular back in the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, these stylish spectacles were worn by teachers, models and housewives alike. Browline eyeglasses have bold frames (upper part) that frame the lenses the same way your eyebrows contour the eyes. showcases a fine line of browlines in an array of colors and customized frame options. It’s as easy as visiting our online eyewear store today for the best prices and discounts anywhere.

What are hipster glasses called?

Hipster glasses have certainly evolved since the fashion movements of the 1950s and 1960s. However, these glasses were initially designed with a scholastic and educational appeal to them. The Mods in the UK were particularly known to don these hip, cool, and trendy spectacles.

Hipster glasses are unconventional but in a progressive and fashionable way. From simple square-shapes for Wayfarers to bold and attractive Browlines, Marvel Optics is your source for the best in retro-contemporary eyewear with lightweight and durable features.

Do glasses make you look more attractive?

There is certainly an attractive element of wearing glasses. In fact, spectacles can accentuate your style, wardrobe, and look for any occasion. The Swiss Journal of Psychology published a study – a few years ago – showing that people who wear glasses are viewed as more likable and attractive.

From Cat-Eye and Wayfarer to retro-designed Browline glasses, we have it all at Marvel Optics. With the best discounts, customer service, and user-friendly ordering, now is the right time to get all your eyeglasses and sunglasses with plenty of customizable options.

Are Browlines and Clubmasters the same?

Clubmaster-style sunglasses feature upper portions that are thicker and bolder than the bottom portions of the frames. The upper portion is known as the cap or brow which is made from acetate or thick plastic; also used on the temples. While Clubmasters are similar to Browlines in design and optical appeal, there are slight variations in the materials used for frames and whether prescription or non-RX lenses are needed.

What are Clubmaster sunglasses?

Clubmaster Sunglasses are a variation of browline style glasses which were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Here are some features of Clubmaster sunglasses for the entire family:

  • Thicker and bolder upper frames made from plastic or acetate.
  • Excellent UV and sun glare protection. Clubmasters are durable, sturdy, and designed to last.
  • Tinted lenses, thinner frames (metal, plastic or acetate), and styles that elegantly fit most face shapes.
  • Classic styles, hip frames, and chic designs for wearers that want that refined and vintage look.

Find a pair of Clubmaster Sunglasses today at – your premier eyewear and accessories online store.


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