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Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that are designed to perform on the slopes and at the shore. Smith sunglasses womens provide full eye coverage and enhance color accuracy and contrast under various outdoor conditions. Find out more about the many women’s and unisex styles of sunglasses made by Smith Optics as well as options for getting lenses with your prescription put in Smith frames.

Smith Prescription Sunglasses Womens

Smith makes sunglasses and eyeglasses. Many of the brand’s sunglasses styles do not offer the option to add prescription lenses. Smith Optics ChromaPop lens technology is also only available for non-prescription sunglasses. If you are looking for Smith sunglasses womens that have prescription lenses, consider ordering a pair of Smith eyeglasses with your choice of tinted lenses with options for gradient, polarized and mirrored lenses.

Smith Optic Women’s Sunglasses

Smith makes a number of sunglasses that have a noticeably feminine look in addition to unisex styles that can be worn by both women and men. Several popular styles that have feminine details include Smith Cheetah, Getaway and Monterey sunglasses. Unisex styles such as the round metal Smith Prep sunglasses and Wayfarer-style Shoutout and Roam sunglasses are also popular looks for women. Smith offers a variety of frame shapes and sizes. Check the gender and dimensions of frames to ensure that Smith sunglasses will fit your face.

Smith Sunglasses Womens FAQs

How can I buy a pair of Smith sunglasses for women?

Start by deciding whether you want a pair of sports or lifestyle sunglasses. Many Smith styles are designed for active wear, and non-prescription sunglasses may be available with ChromaPop lenses to enhance color accuracy in different outdoor environments. Check the size and measurements of frames to ensure a good fit.

What are the most popular Smith sunglasses womens?

Some of the most popular styles for women include the round metal Prep sunglasses and the mixed plastic and metal materials of Smith Roam sunglasses. Unisex styles such as the square-shaped Shoutout sunglasses and wraparound metal aviator Serpico sunglasses are also best sellers from Smith.

Can I get Smith sunglasses with prescription lenses?

Some Smith frames may be compatible with prescription lenses. Check to see which lens options are available for your favorite frame style. Smith Optics ChromaPop lenses are only available for non-prescription sunglasses. You can wear Smith goggles with a prescription insert or get [OTG] goggles that you wear over glasses.

Does Smith Optics also make eyeglasses?

Smith Optics makes prescription-ready eyeglasses. Browse stylish frames that are designed for daily wear. A pair of Smith glasses can also be a comfortable choice to wear during sports, including activities that call for wearing OTG goggles. Smith started as a ski goggles brand and now makes sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Do Smith sunglasses protect your eyes?

Smith sunglasses womens block 100% of ultraviolet light. The brand’s proprietary ChromaPop lenses also improve color accuracy, contrast and depth perception. Smith Optics frames are designed to stand up to active wear and may meet ASTM International sports eye safety standards, but are not designed for ballistic or occupational protection.


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