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Protect your eyes by sporting Smith goggles on the slopes. Smith Optics started making ski goggles in 1965 and continues to manufacture and sell several styles of performance goggles. Learn more about the brand’s ChromaPop lenses, MAG interchangeable lens system and options for using a prescription lens insert with an optical docking station or finding over-the-glass styles that are designed to wear over glasses.

Smith Ski Goggles

Ski goggles by Smith are designed for top performance. This eyewear protects your eyes from exposure to glare in reflective environments and wind. The shade of ChromaPop lenses you select for Smith goggles will determine the light levels and environments in which goggles will perform best. Check to see which frame and lens color combinations are available for your favorite style. Goggles in the MAG collection such as the Smith I/O MAG style are compatible with interchangeable lenses.

Smith Prescription Ski Goggles

Some Smith Optics goggles allow wearers to use a prescription insert with the ODS in the style or are sized for OTG wear. The leading ODS and OTG styles by Smith are the Knowledge and Prophecy goggles. Check to see which lens tints and corrective options are available for your favorite active eyewear. Most Smith Optics goggles feature the brand’s color-enhancing ChromaPop lens technology and may also offer the option to get polarized lenses.

Smith Goggles FAQs

How do I order Smith Optics goggles?

Compare the different styles of goggles by Smith to find the right eyewear for any activity. Smith ChromaPop lenses increase color accuracy under any light conditions. Check the size of goggles and whether goggles have interchangeable lenses. Some goggles are compatible with prescription inserts or can be worn over glasses.

What are some of the most popular Smith goggles?

One of the most popular styles of goggles made by Smith Optics is the I/O MAG. This eyewear is part of the MAG collection of eyewear with interchangeable lenses for varied light levels and environments. Other popular styles include Knowledge and Prophecy goggles that can be worn over glasses.

How can I correct my vision while wearing ski goggles?

Depending on the style of eyewear you choose, Smith Optics goggles may accommodate a prescription lens insert in an Optical Docking Station or can be worn over glasses. Either of these options can enable you to see clearly while protecting your eyes from abrasion, flying debris and impact.

What are some features of Smith Optics goggles?

Goggles by Smith tend to feature comfortable cushioning and ventilation for fog-free performance. Goggles in the MAG collection are compatible with interchangeable lenses that are designed to fit a particular style. Other goggles come with a single set lens. Every pair of Smith Optics goggles feature a comfortable quick-adjusting head strap.

What are Smith ChromaPop lenses?

ChromaPop lens technology by Smith filters out competing wavelengths of light to improve color accuracy. These lenses are available in a variety of shades suitable for any light levels and surroundings. Smith goggles feature ChromaPop lenses, and these lenses are also an option for non-prescription sunglasses by Smith Optics.



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