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The performance ski goggle brand Smith Optics makes Smith glasses. The brand’s optical collection includes plastic and metal frames for men and women as well as unisex styles. Whether you are looking for frames for everyday vision correction or sports, you should take a closer look at glasses by Smith.

Smith Eyeglasses

Smith Optics makes eyeglasses to the same high standards as the brand’s ski goggles and sunglasses. This eyewear tends to be lightweight and designed to stay in place as you move. Frame materials may determine whether particular styles are better suited for active or lifestyle wear.

Every frame style specifies gender and size and includes dimensions to make it easier to select eyewear that provides a good fit. The gender of frames will affect the size and dimensions, so it is important to check the product description of your favorite Smith frames. Clear or tinted prescription lenses are resistant to dust, fog, reflections and scratches. Every pair of Smith Optics glasses blocks ultraviolet light.

Smith Prescription Glasses

The Smith Optical collection includes square, rectangular and round frames in addition to browline and cat-eye frames. You can find the right pair of Smith glasses to fit your lifestyle and flatter your face shape. Some styles are sold as unisex while others have a more masculine or feminine design.

While some Smith Optics sunglasses feature the brand’s ChromaPop lens technology and do not accommodate prescription lenses, you can personalize any pair of eyeglasses with clear or tinted corrective lenses. Choose from standard, gradient, polarized, mirrored or polarized mirrored lens tints. Many Smith Optical frames can accommodate single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses.

Smith Glasses FAQs

How do I order Smith glasses?

Compare the design and features of prescription-ready frames by Smith Optics. You can choose from glasses made for casual wear or sports. Smith originated in 1965 as a ski goggle brand, and this active background continues to influence eyewear designs.

Are Smith Optics glasses suitable for sports?

Some Smith Optics eyewear can be worn during sports or workouts. The brand makes many styles of durable, lightweight frames. Factor in the base curve and size of frames to get eyewear that stays in place and provides UV protection.

What lenses come in Smith Optics eyeglasses?

Smith Optics frames may be compatible with single vision, multifocal or progressive lenses. You can also get Smith frames that have blue light blocking or reading lenses. Some Smith sunglasses are not prescription-ready, but you can customize eyeglasses with tinted lenses.

Can I get tinted prescription lenses in Smith frames?

The color-enhancing ChromaPop lenses used in Smith Optics sunglasses and goggles are not available in prescription strength. Choose from a wide selection of standard or gradient lens tints as well as options for mirrored, polarized or polarized mirrored prescription lenses.

What are some Smith Optics eyeglasses features?

Smith makes a wide selection of plastic, metal and mixed material frames. Lenses may have anti-dust, anti-fog, anti-reflective and anti-scratch finishes. Smith glasses with clear or tinted lenses provide UV protection. Nose pad designs help to keep frames in place.


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