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Wearing Adidas prescription sunglasses can correct your vision and protect your eyes from ultraviolet light. Adidas is a major athletic brand that licenses eyewear for men and women. Choose your favorite style from a selection of prescription-ready sunglasses, enter your prescription measurements and specify lens tint color and finish.

Adidas Sunglasses

Adidas offers lifestyle and sports sunglasses. Many Adidas eyewear styles have classic active styling. Choose from frames with rectangular, oval or square lenses that flatter your face shape. Sunglasses that have full rims are typically compatible with single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses.

Most Adidas sunglasses have frames made of plastic. Check frame styling and product descriptions to determine the gender and size of sunglasses. Men’s frames are usually larger than women’s frames. Many Adidas styles can be unisex, but it is important to check the dimensions of frames. The width of frames and components such as the bridge and lens as well as the length of temples and height of lenses are all important specifications.

Adidas Sport Sunglasses

The Sport collection of Adidas eyewear are lightweight sunglasses designed for active wear. Some Sport collection styles such as the popular SP0015, SP0016 and SP0027 frames can be worn with a prescription insert. Styles with full rims tend to be compatible with corrective lenses. Check to see if there are any limitations on lens strength for your favorite frame style.

Adidas prescription sunglasses can be a good choice for athletes or casual lifestyle wear. Make sure that the sunglasses you select provide a good fit and the right amount of eye coverage and impact protection for any activity. Sports sunglasses are also suitable for casual wear.

Adidas Sunglasses FAQs

How do I order Adidas prescription sunglasses?

Browse by brand or search for a style of Adidas frames. Adidas makes sunglasses for men and women. Check product descriptions to confirm the size of sunglasses frames. You can customize the tint and finish of lenses in prescription-ready frames.

Does Adidas design sunglasses for specific sports?

Adidas makes Sport collection eyewear with high-performance features, but this eyewear is not specialized by sport. The plastic used to make frames is durable enough for low to moderate intensity wear. Adidas also makes a prescription lens insert for frames.

What are some performance features of Adidas frames?

Adidas frames are made of plastic and can stand up to active or casual wear. The plano or prescription lenses in this eyewear resist dust, fog, reflections and scratches. Some styles also have Traction Grip temples to stay in place.

Are Adidas frames resistant to impact?

Adidas does not make safety glasses, but this eyewear may be suitable for sports. Sports eye safety standards are maintained by ASTM International. Check to see whether your favorite Adidas frames will provide a sufficient amount of coverage and cushioning.

Does Adidas make lifestyle sunglasses?

Sunglasses by Adidas can be worn casually or during sports and workouts. You can select a pair of Adidas prescription sunglasses for lifestyle wear based on fit and style. Safety may be a more important factor when choosing sports sunglasses.


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