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Adidas prescription glasses can be a comfortable and stylish choice for men and women who live active lifestyles or appreciate sports-inspired styling. Adidas is a global athletic brand founded in 1949 that licenses eyewear inspired by the brand’s iconic three-stripes logo, shoe styles and active clothing. Wear glasses by Adidas everyday or during exercise and sports.

Adidas Eyeglasses

Adidas makes eyeglasses frames for men and women. Many Adidas eyewear styles can also be unisex. In general, men’s glasses are larger than women’s frames. Ensure that glasses provide a good fit by checking the size and measurements of frames, including frame width, bridge width, temple length and lens width and height.

Most Adidas prescription glasses are plastic, which allows for a wide variety of frame color choices. Some of the most popular men’s Adidas frames include rectangular SP5003 eyeglasses and square SP5002 sunglasses. For vintage style, consider OR5008, OR5009 or OR5010 Original Adidas frames. Women may prefer the square SP5001 eyeglasses or the updated cat-eye profile of OR5003 frames.

Adidas Prescription Eyewear

Every pair of eyeglasses frames by Adidas is prescription-ready. Once you find your favorite style, select the option for prescription lenses and specify single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses. Most glasses by Adidas have full frames that accommodate any type of lenses.

Adidas also offers sunglasses with or prescription lenses or non-prescription sports glasses that can be worn with the SP5005-CI prescription insert. If you prefer to wear a style of the brand’s eyeglass frames as sunglasses, specify a tint and finish for lenses. Adidas frames that have clear or tinted lenses can shield wearers’ eyes from up to 100% of ultraviolet light.

Adidas Eyeglasses FAQs

Where can I get Adidas prescription glasses?

Browse or search a large inventory of prescription-ready glasses frames by Adidas. This brand makes frames for everyday wear as well as sports eyeglasses suitable for most activities. Be sure to check frame size and measurements before customizing prescription lenses.

Are Adidas frames made for sports?

Sport collection eyewear by Adidas is designed for active wear. A pair of frames that provide a good fit and stay in place is suitable for most moderate intensity activities. Adidas also makes a prescription insert that fits sports sunglasses.

What are the most popular Adidas glasses?

The leading styles of Adidas eyewear include the rectangular SP5003 frames and square styles such as SP5002, SP5001 and OR5009. All of the best selling eyeglasses frames by Adidas are made of plastic and come in a variety of colors.

Does Adidas make eyewear for men and women?

Adidas makes eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women. The design of a style tends to indicate the gender. Most Adidas frames can also function as unisex styles. Check the dimensions of your favorite frames to ensure a good fit.

What are some features of Adidas glasses?

Adidas prescription glasses are designed for high-performance athletic wear. The lenses in this eyewear are resistant to dust, fog, reflections and scratches. Every pair of Adidas frames that comes with clear or tinted lenses protects wearers’ eyes from ultraviolet rays.


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