Your safety goggles play a vital part in protecting you from the hazards of your daily routine. Naturally, you need to do your part to properly care for these accessories. In order for you to get many years of quality use out of your prescription safety glasses, some basic maintenance will be in order. Above all else, the easiest task to accomplish in this regard is cleaning the glasses. Though simple, there is a specific way that you should go about the process to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Take a look at this breakdown on how you can clean your glasses. With a bit of research, you’ll have no trouble giving your glasses the extra shine and enhanced clarity that they need.

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The Importance of Safety Glasses

Before diving into the details of the cleaning process, it must first be noted that glasses of this nature are a vital piece of gear across a number of industries. If you work as a contractor on an active construction site, a lab tech in a rendering plant, or even a jewelry crafter, your eyes may come in contact with hazards that can cause serious damage to your vision. The best way to avoid this entirely is by protecting yourself with quality gear that has been tested for quality.

When looking for gear, be sure to note any designations placed on the product by the American National Standards Institute. A rating of ANSI z87.1, for example, will be given to goggles and safety eyewear that exceed the expectations of the organization. When you see this mark, it means that the glasses will not suddenly shatter on you in the midst of an intense moment on the job. No matter what model you purchase, you want to be sure that you know how to care for the gear with routine cleanings.

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Clean Your Hands

Before anything else, make sure to wash your hands. If you start cleaning your lenses with dirty fingers, you’ll be adding new smudges as you remove the old grime. A quick wash with water and soap should be good enough to get rid of anything that is lingering on your skin. Properly dry your hands, too, as moisture can increase the odds of your gear slipping from your hands and falling to the ground.

Start With Warm Water

To begin the cleaning process, take your glasses and rinse them under warm water. You want to specifically use warm water because the slight bit of heat will aid in breaking down any gunk that has gotten stuck to the lenses or frames. No need to be too intense on this step, as you’ll be applying more cleaning effort in the next phases of the process.

Use the Right Solution

After the preliminary rinse, you want to apply a solution of your choice to the lenses. Experts agree that one of the best options readily available in most households is dishwashing liquid. You want to be careful to ensure the soap is free of fragrances and added lotions, else it isn’t a good fit for the job. Take a small drop of the soap and apply it to both lenses, gently rubbing both sides of the glass and the material of the frames in order to add a very thin coating of liquid to the glasses.

Rinse and Shake

Next, you want to rinse the glasses once more. Take your safety glasses and allow warm water to run along the lenses and frames. The goal here is to get rid of the soap without adding too much force in the process. After the liquid soap has been removed thoroughly, lightly shake the glasses in order to remove the bulk of the water droplets that have accumulated during the wash. Though it might be obvious to a degree, don’t shake too hard or it could lead to the glasses becoming damaged.

Dry and Check

Finally, you want to use a microfiber cloth that is both clean and dry to remove any excess moisture from the glasses. Be very careful with the towel you select, as items that contain the wrong fibers can cause minute scratching on certain lenses. The more diligent you are in selecting the cloth, the easier it is to guarantee a perfect experience. Inspect the glasses when they have been dried to ensure no blemishes remain and you’ve successfully completed the process of cleaning your RX safety glasses.


Where Can I Invest in New Safety Glasses?

If you’re in the market for a new pair of prescription safety glasses, be sure to check out what Marvel Optics has to offer. Peruse the selection to discover a design that speaks to your sensibilities and prepare to protect yourself and look great all the while.

How Often Should Glasses Be Cleaned?

Your glasses should always be cleaned as needed. However, make it a habit of cleaning the lenses diligently at least once every few days. This helps to ensure you see perfectly and maximize the longevity of the gear.

When Should Safety Goggles Be Replaced?

Glasses for safety purposes tend to last a good amount of time. Still, you should look into replacing them once every four years or so. Refer to OSHA guidelines for your industry in order to learn more about what steps you should take.

Are Glasses Required for Work Safety?

While not all jobs will require the use of safety glasses, a number of industries involve daily operations that can impact the eyes or head in a negative way. Be sure to refer to OSHA guidelines for your industry and speak with a manager in your own business to learn about what is expected.

What Qualities Are Most Important When Picking Safety Glasses?

Durability and comfort will be the biggest features to focus on when shopping for glasses. As long as the gear is built to last and can be worn for long stretches of time without irritation, you’re found a great fit.

When it comes to owning the right gear for your job, you need to make sure that routine cleanings are a part of the process. Take time to peruse the selection of prescription safety glasses available at Marvel Optics to find a pair that works for your needs. Once you’ve got the ideal fit, create a strategy to keep the eyewear clean and clear at all times.

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