Buying the right pair of sunglasses is more than just finding a pair that fits the shape of your face and sits comfortably on the bridge of your nose. The line of Nike mens sunglasses are both stylish and easy to wear, but each pair offers valuable protection against eye damage. Here are some of the best pairs you will find in the Nike lineup.

Men's Sunglasses by Nike

1. Nike Myriad

Nike Myriad

While these glasses may be appropriate for either gender, men love the sleek, sporty design of the small frame that can be purchased in either black or brown. The cat-eye frame shape has a width of 121 mm with a temple width of 140  mm. These are sure to stay tucked behind your ears whether driving around town or out on the golf range. The durability of the polycarbonate lens is one stellar feature, though the pair has anti-dust, anti-reflective, anti-fog- and anti-scratch protection.

2. Nike Windshield Elite M

Nike Windshield Elite M

Available in both traditional or prescription lens, the wrap-around, lightweight frames are just right for the active, sporty lifestyle. Though the frames are plastic, they are durable enough to withstand use during high-intensity running or your daily commute to work. The stunning matte thunderblue color makes these a sharp addition to your outfit.

3. Nike Maverick RGE M

Nike Maverick RGE M

This black pair of rectangle sunglasses are a part of the Nike Sun line. The rubber nose bridge is ventilated to reduce fogging, and the temple arms are tapered to fit more securely under a hat. These have a comfortable fit. The lens also has a sharp tint that has a reflecting turquoise mirror finish.

4. Nike Flatspot P

Nike Flatspot P

With an extra small frame size of just 124 mm in width and 145 mm in temple length, these sunglasses provide a sharp look to your athletic attire. The lenses are round, with an overall width of 52 mm and a height of 46 mm. The pair can be ordered in black or matte black with gray, and you can have your prescription added to the lens if needed.

5. Nike Chance EV1217

Nike Chance EV1217

Developed after the high-flying style of classic aviator glasses, this unique design of Nike mens sunglasses has sleek curves that provide medium coverage for peripheral light blockage. A medium frame size at 136 mm width and 140 mm length, the lenses bring in the focus with 61 mm in width and 51 mm in height.

man with a hood wearing Men's Sunglasses by Nike


Why Are Quality Sunglasses Important?

Though a cheap pair of sunglasses may filter out some of the natural light, a quality pair will block excessive UV radiation, reduce eyestrain, block distracting glare, and fit comfortably. Squinting to avoid the light can create muscle fatigue and cause headaches, but a pair of Nike sunglasses won’t leave you squinting.

How Do I Choose the Right Pair of Glasses?

When looking at Nike mens sunglasses, consider the environment where you will be wearing them the most. If you intend to be outside and active for most of your use, consider purchasing sunglasses that offer good peripheral light coverage. You will also want anti-fog and anti-glare protection if you spend your time outdoors.

How Much UV Light Exposure Should Be Blocked?

The higher the UV eye protection rating, the better the pair of sunglasses. UV rays from the sun can lead to retina and nerve damage, potentially leading to early blindness and other vision problems. Select glasses that have polarized lenses and that boast of a UV400 or higher to block over 99% of the damaging UV rays.

Should I Buy Plastic or Metal Frames?

Metal frames are more flexible than plastic ones, making them a reliable option for those with sporty lifestyles. However, plastic frames can be more durable and lightweight. Plastic frames also offer more color options than metal, though lens options won’t vary much between the two choices.

Are Prescription Lenses Better Than Over-the-Counter Glasses?

Yes, you will find the quality of the lends and the eye support better for your vision than a standard pair of OTC sunglasses. A majority of frame styles can be outfitted with your prescription giving you the same high-quality look like other classic sunglasses. Many Nike mens glasses are able to handle a single vision, bifocal, or progressive lens needs.

Though many choose a pair of sunglasses based on style, choosing a pair that comes with great health advantages makes the purchase a better investment. Shop for your perfect pair from the Nike collection at Marvel Optics.