Smith Optics originated in 1965 as a maker of ski goggles and Smith goggles are still some of the brand’s most popular products. Many skiiers and riders appreciate the interchangeable lenses of goggles in the MAG collection. Smith also makes over-the-glass goggles that can be worn over prescription glasses or paired with a prescription lens insert in an Optical Docking Station. Discover three of the best goggle styles by Smith Optics.

Man Wearing Smith Goggles

Smith I/O MAG

Smith I/O MAG

Smith I O goggles give wearers a wider field of vision than many goggles. This style is also compatible with the brand’s MAG lens system. Every pair of goggles in the MAG collection features magnetic connectors to make it easier and faster to switch lenses.

The I/O style of goggles offers a choice of spherical carbonic or ChromaPop lenses for enhanced color accuracy and contrast. These goggles are designed to integrate with Smith helmets for a protective fit and enhanced fog resistance.

Smith I/O MAG XL

Smith I/O MAG XL

The I/O MAG XL Smith ski goggles are a larger version of I/O MAG goggles. These goggles with a Responsive Fit frame and large spherical lenses fit a wider range of face and head sizes and can provide an OTG fit over eyeglasses or an ODS prescription lens insert.

Choose from black goggles that come with Sun ChromaPop lenses, Black Out goggles with Sun Black ChromaPop Lenses or Cloud Grey goggles with platinum mirror ChromaPop lenses. The I/O Mag XL style can be the best choice for wearers who need OTG goggles or a larger size.

Smith Knowledge OTG Goggles

Smith Knowledge OTG Goggles

Knowledge goggles are another OTG style by Smith Optics. These goggles have a large fit and can be worn over glasses or a prescription lens insert. A floating foam membrane keeps corrective eyewear worn underneath from putting pressure on the wearer’s temples. Anti-fog technology and an adjustable lens ventilation system make Knowledge OTG goggles a good choice to pair with Smith helmets.

If you prefer Smith Knowledge OTG goggles, you can choose from black goggles with blue lenses, black or graphite goggles that have Ignitor Mirror lenses or graphite goggles with rose-colored lenses. You should select a lens color suitable for the lighting conditions where you plan to wear goggles and your sense of style.


Where can I order Smith goggles?

Shop Smith Optics goggles by brand or search for a particular style of goggles. A full selection of standard and OTG goggles compatible with the Smith Optical Docking System are available for skiing and riding. Compare features to determine which goggles will provide the best fit for your active lifestyle.

Do goggles by Smith have prescription lenses?

Goggles by Smith do not have prescription lenses. The brand’s OTG goggle styles such as the Knowledge and Prophecy can be worn over prescription glasses and are compatible with the brand’s Optical Docking System lens insert. If you require vision correction, OTG goggles are likely to be the best choice.

What is the Smith Optics MAG system?

The MAG collection of Smith Optics goggles feature magnetic fast lens swapping technology. Smith I/O and I/O XL goggles are in the MAG system. It is also necessary to use compatible lenses for goggles. MAG system goggles only accommodate lenses produced during the same production season as frames.

Which lens types are available for goggles by Smith?

You can choose from spherical ChromaPop Carbonic lenses for distortion-free optics and impact resistance or ChromaPop+ lenses that are made of impact-resistant Trivex. In general, Smith Optics goggles come with preset frame and lens color combinations. You can switch out MAG goggles lenses to lenses from the same production year.

How do Smith helmets and goggles work together?

Goggles by Smith are designed to integrate with Smith helmets. Helmets correspond to the curve of goggle frames to prevent gaps. The airflow and anti-fog features of goggles work alongside helmet AirEvac systems to send warm air through the top of goggles to the rear air outlet of a helmet.

These are three of the leading styles of Smith goggles for skiing and riding. In addition to goggles, Smith Optics also makes a wide selection of eyewear that also includes sunglasses and eyeglasses. Compare the features of goggles by Smith to select the best style to sport on the slopes.

Woman Wearing Smith Goggles