Nike offers some great products across the board. They are especially well known for their athletic gear. For eye protection, they have some similarly great items. Nike prescription sunglasses offer a great balance of style, comfort and performance. The following are five of their best glasses. These can fulfill your needs whether you are playing sports, relaxing in the sun or doing anything else outdoors.

woman wearing Nike Prescription Sunglasses

1) Nike Adrenaline P


The Nike Adrenaline P sunglasses are a stylish pair of sunglasses that are perfect for athletics. They offer both form and function with a lightweight frame and Mike Max Lens Technology that provides a crisp view. These are Nike polarized sunglasses, hence the “P.” if you want a pair of sunglasses for an active lifestyle, these should be on your list.

2) Nike Dash

Nike Dash

These sleek sunglasses feature a wraparound design with some incredible color options. You can choose from a subtle black or several eye-catching colors. The lightweight, durable frames of the Nike Dash sunglasses are made from nylon. The hinges are designed to be extra durable because these sunglasses are intended to last no matter what you throw at them.

3) Nike Maverick M


If you want a pair of sunglasses with a more casual look, these may be for you. The Maverick M glasses have a more traditional temple shape compared to some of the wraparound options. Nonetheless, they offer excellent stability thanks to a soft, rubber nose bridge and temple tips. The angled frames give these a cool, modern look. Plus, the mirrored lenses always look great.

4) Nike Tailwind S


These sunglasses offer an ultra-lightweight design with open frames. These contoured glasses feature a smaller form factor than the standard Nike Tailwinds. This makes them perfect for people with smaller faces. The ventilated temple arms help fight fogging while also preventing moisture accumulation. The tops of the lenses are also vented to reduce fogging. The Nike Tailwind S glasses are a great option for athletes.


Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr

If you want a pair of sunglasses that offer bold styling with excellent high-intensity performance, the Nike SKYLON ACE XV should be among your top choices. The MAX optics lenses provide excellent visual clarity. Additionally, the nylon frame is both lightweight and strong. With vents in the nose bridge and comfortable temples, these glasses will always sit comfortably on your face with minimal fogging.

Order Your Nike Prescription Sunglasses Today

Are you ready to fund the right Nike sunglasses for your needs? Whether you are looking for a pair of athletic wraparounds or a more casual pair of sunglasses that are ready for anything, Nike has you covered. You can find a selection of their best sunglasses at Marvel Optics. Plus, we have many other top brands. No matter what you need from your standard and prescription sunglasses, you can find some great options in our store. Place your order today.

man wearing Nike Prescription Sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions About Nike Sunglasses

Where Can I Order Nike Prescription Sunglasses?

You can order a wide selection of prescription sunglasses, including the above-mentioned frames, from Marvel Optics. When you want to order a pair of sunglasses with your prescription, open the product page and click the “Customize Lens” button. In some cases, you may need to choose the “Prescription Sunglasses” option first.

Are Nike Glasses Good?

Nike is generally considered to be a good brand for sunglasses, especially if you intend to use them for athletic use. Many of the brand’s sunglasses are impact- and scratch-resistant. They are also available with features such as anti-glare and anti-fog. Plus, many are designed to sit securely on your face even during intense movement.

Does Nike Make Prescription Sunglasses?

Yes, Nike makes multiple frames that can accept prescription lenses. All the above five and many others can be fitting with corrective lenses. Typically, any pair of sunglasses that have two, distinct lenses can have prescription lenses added.

What Color Lenses Are Best for Athletics?

For outdoor athletics, any tinted sunglasses will help reduce the brightness of light in your eyes. You may also want to consider Nike polarized sunglasses, which have a special filter that greatly reduces UV radiation. For indoor sports, consider ordering a pair of clear lenses. Many Nike glasses are available without tint.

Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth Buying?

Yes, if you wear sunglasses and need corrective lenses, wearing prescription sunglasses can be a great option. It is particularly helpful for athletics and similar situations in which you may find wearing both contact lenses and regular sunglasses less comfortable. Some people also find that prescription sunglasses help while driving.