A person’s vision is their most valued asset. Yet, most people have a neglectful behavior towards the proper safety of their eyes during work, sports or even at home. According to Prevent Blindness America, up to ninety percent of dangerous eye injuries can be easily prevented by proper protective eyeglasses.

man wearing prescription safety glasses

Let’s conduct a deeper analysis of protective eyeglasses and their usage.

The Main Difference between Regular Eyeglasses and Safety GlassesThe standard of impact resistance is much higher in safety glasses as compared to regular glasses. This standard is applicable to the frames as well as the lenses of safety goggles and glasses and it is whats these glasses different from regular prescription based frames.

Assessment of Ratings of Safety Goggles and Eyeglasses
It’s obligatory for the safety glasses to pass the High Impact Test, which involves the shooting of a small steel ball at the speed of 150feet/second at the eyeglass lens. If the lens doesn’t chip, crack or break during the process, then it has passed the test. In order to determine whether the eyeglass has passed the test or not, check the ‘+’ mark on the lens which clearly indicates the lens’ survival at high impact testing.
‘’V’’ and ‘’S’’ markings of the eyewear are also important. The ‘’V’’ marking indicates that the eyewear is photochromic, which means that the lens will darken and protect the eyes when exposed to harmful radiations like ultraviolet rays. The ‘’S’’ marking indicates that the eyewear is supplied with a special tint to protect the eyes.

Usage of Safety Eyewear at Different Working Conditions

It’s the duty of the safety officer of any company to determine the kind of eyewear safety that is necessary for the job. Following are the few professions which require High Impact Safety eyewear:
• Pipe fitters and plumbers
• Carpenters
• Laborers
• Mechanics
• Millwrights

Certain professions may also require goggles, side shields or full face protection. In case you’re working as an independent contractor, always opt for a safety eyeglass which is rated as High Impact in all kinds of situations and activities.

Usage of Safety Eyewear for Sports

If you’re going shooting or hunting for sport, always opt to wear safety eyewear. You can also choose lenses which have anti-reflective coatings in order to eradicate distracting reflections. It’s also advisable to choose eyeglasses with side shields for extra eye protection.
For sports which require razor-sharp vision, such as golfing, you can add a sport-customized tint to your eyewear, for instance, yellow or amber tints amplify the range of vision.

Fish hooks also happen to be a major cause of eye injuries. You can opt for a wrap-around frame and choose eyeglass lenses which are provided with a polarized tint when going fishing to avoid such incidents. These tints can cut the glare from the water’s surface. This removal of glare will make your eyes more comfortable to the area around you and you’ll be able to look into the water more clearly.

Paintball players are generally aware of the fact that they can suffer from extreme injuries from the pallets that are fired from the paintball guns. Therefore, the players should always ensure proper head and eye protection. The eye shields must have a High Impact rating so that there’s no chance of the eyewear getting damaged because the pellets are fired at the speed of over 190 meters per second.

Also remember that the best material for eyewear lens is polycarbonate because these lenses happen to have much more impact-resistance as compared to other glass lenses. Anti-reflective coatings may also be used, for better safety of the eye wear.

It’s highly recommended to use safety eyewear that best suits your lifestyle and working conditions so that your vision never gets compromised.

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man wearing prescription safety glasses