As you navigate through the impressive collection of cheap women’s prescription eyeglasses, adorning an online retailer’s display exhibit, you come across an eyewear that particularly strikes you. However, before you can reach out for it, a question triggers in your neuronal pathways:

“Is this prescription eyewear, really meant for me? Or, has it been wrongly categorized?” 

Sometimes, you just can’t distinguish between womens prescription eyewear from men’s. The difference at times can be so subtle that you may end up buying a wrong pair of glasses – one which was never designed for the likes of confident, sparkling us.

If you too, ever find yourself struggling to differentiate between womens prescription eyeglasses from men’s eyewear, you can refer to this list, which we will be shortly introducing, to help you make an informed purchase decision.

  • The Difference in Frame Construction

Although some frames are designed for unisex applications, but speaking in general, men’s and women’s prescription eyewear do differ in the frame construction.

Men have a wider temporal lobe, that is their eyes and ear are further apart as compared to women. Furthermore, generally speaking, a man also has a larger nose. This gives way to a frame construction that has larger temples and a longer bridge, when you specifically talk about men’s prescription and general eyewear design.

The frame construction also differs in the fact that men have longer pupillary distance, and therefore, the prescription eyeglasses motif is designed accordingly for the lenses to be positioned appropriately.

  • The Difference in Frame Shape

With womens prescription eyeglasses having smaller frame construction because of narrower temporal lobe, small nose and a shorter pupillary distance, it is only natural that the eyewear’s frame shape should be complimentary with the frame size.

The eyeglasses designed for women, mostly tend to have circular frame shapes or angular frames with blunt edges in comparison to mens prescription eyeglasses – which often comes in square, rectangular and frame shapes having sharp edges.

  • The Difference in the Color of Eyeglasses

The color of an eyeglass is something that is totally up to the preference of the wearer. However, in general, women eyeglasses are designed with bright and bold colors to compliment their vibrant and playful personality. When shopping for cheap womens prescription eyeglasses online, you will find frames in shades of pink, red and checkered colors. Men tend to prefer eyewear that gives a sober and elegant look.

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Did you find this list of differentiators helpful?

What else do you think marks the difference between womens prescription eyeglasses and mens eyewear?

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