Marvel Optics is not just your ordinary place to buy glasses online; it is company highly concerned about your vision and eyesight. That is why we keep sharing expert advice and tips to keep your eyes healthy all year round. It is also why we introduced our range of safety glasses this year.

So, keeping in tradition of sharing tips for healthy eyes, we are here to discuss one of the most common eye related problems people face, especially at this time of the year—dry eyes. However, before we begin with what you can do to deal with dry eyes, let’s see what causes it.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

It would be wrong to say that dry eyes are only caused by winter. There are many factors that can lead to dryness and itchiness. The reasons can be both internal and external. For instance, many people face this issue due to an internal imbalance in their tear-flow system. In winter, however, the dry air and lack of humidity dries out the tear film and deplete the lubrication in the eye. Our eyes need to maintain a certain level of water, oil, and mucus in order to stay comfortable. That is why, dry and cold weather cause them to burn, irritate, sting, or tear excessively.

What Can You Do to Deal With It?

There are many things you can do to make sure the weather doesn’t affect your eyes and vision. Here are few tips that will surely help:

  • Use Artificial Tear—Talk to an ophthalmologist and ask for a high quality artificial tears drop suitable for you. These drops artificially lubricate the tear ducts. Use regularly to prevent the problem altogether.
  • Avoid Contact Lenses—Dry eyes is an issue commonly faced by people who wear lenses. Lenses tend to decrease the moisture level of the eyes. Consider using prescription glasses for the season.
  • Improve Air Quality—You can actually make your indoor air quality better by using humidifier during winter. The device is designed to balance the moisture level in the air. Also, use air quality filter to keep air clean.
  • Avoid Smoke—It may sound a little difficult but cut down on smoke as it can badly dry out your eyes. Also, avoid other activities that involve standing in front of fire or smoke.
  • Drink More Water—Dehydration affects the overall moisture level in our body, including of our eyes. Drink adequate amount of water to avoid dry eyes.

Lastly, always wear safety eyeglasses when going out in extreme weather conditions. Shop now.