Picking out appropriate glasses for safety can be a bit of a challenge. Since making the wrong choice can lead to major injuries and other problems, you don’t want to rush the decision. For many consumers, the most practical way of narrowing down a search is by focusing primarily on brands that have come to be known as trustworthy and reliable. This is why On Guard safety glasses are some of the best options to consider when you’re hoping to stay shielded from danger at work or while out and about.

On Guard Safety Glasses

Take a look at these points and gain more insight into why this brand is such an excellent choice for safety. With a bit of research, you’ll have no trouble deciding on a pair to fit your needs.

Made for a Variety of Applications

Right away, one of the most important points to note about On Guard eyewear is that there are many different options to consider. Each pair is crafted for to meet the demands of a variety of applications. Whether you work in industrial environments, play soccer, or live a very active lifestyle on the weekends, the glasses produced by this brand are guaranteed to protect you no matter what your day throws your way.

Approved by ANSI

Knowing whether or not a pair of glasses will actually protect you from harm can be difficult to discern simply by looking at pictures and specs on the internet. However, there are certain systems in place to ensure the quality of safety fear. If you’re looking at On Guard prescription safety glasses, you likely have noticed the ANSI rating attached to the brand. Essentially, this means the eyewear has been tested and approved by the American National Standards Institute. If you want to feel confident in your investment, ANSI ratings can provide peace of mind.

Powerful Design

When it comes to quality eyewear, you absolutely need to focus on what glasses are meant for in the first place. When you rely on a prescription to see, you need safety glasses to protect you while also enhancing your field of vision. With options by On Guard, you will be able to trust that you will be shielded from whatever comes your way while also having clear and crisp vision at all times. Since the frames of On Guard eyeglasses are compatible with a range of lenses, this brand can be an ideal choice.

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How Can I Find the Right On Guard Safety Glasses?

Picking out the best possible On Guard safety glasses takes a bit of time and research. To find the most appropriate fit for the demands of your life, take a moment to browse the inventory at Marvel Optics and see which works for you.

What Qualities Are Best When Picking Glasses?

When selecting new glasses, you definitely will benefit by looking at factors like durability above the rest. Comfort can also be useful, especially if you will be wearing the glasses for long stretches of time. On Guard delivers when it comes to both of these qualities.

How Should a Pair of Safety Glasses Fit?

Picking out the right glasses means ensuring that the eyewear fits in a way that makes sense. You want the fit to be a bit snug without being too tight, as discomfort can make wearing the glasses for long durations more difficult. However, be sure that the glasses are not too loose, as sudden movement can cause them to fall off.

Should I Factor Style Into My Purchase of Safety Eyewear?

Style can definitely influence your final decision when selecting glasses. While it isn’t the most important feature of protective eyewear, you should feel happy and excited by whatever design you select in order to increase the odds of wearing them when you need to.

Do Professional Athletes Wear Safety Glasses?

Yes! Plenty of professional athletes rely on prescription lenses in order to see. To ensure they play their best and stay protected, the pros often invest in quality glasses with a lot to offer. The right eyewear will make a world of difference in how you play.

Selecting glasses that are produced by a top brand like On Guard can be a perfect way to find protective gear that works for the demands of your life. Take time to look over your options for On Guard safety glasses at Marvel Optics. Once you have a better idea of what’s available, you will have no difficulty discovering an ideal fit.

Best OnGuard Safety Glasses

OnGuard OG220S

OnGuard OG220S

One of the more important factors to focus on when it comes to selecting appropriate safety goggles for work is durability. When your main concern is centered around protecting your face in the event of a sudden blow, you want to find glasses that are constructed to withstand whatever impacts come along. The Onguard OG220S is a great fit for this need. Stay safe no matter what surprises are in store with glasses that are designed to keep you shielded from harm.

OnGuard BASIC 160S

OnGuard BASIC 160S

Perhaps the best way to find On Guard prescription safety glasses that work for your line of work is by reviewing options that are meant for your industry. If you work in the field of construction, industrial manufacturing, or engineering, then you’ll want to find goggles that are built for the pressures of these industries. The OnGuard Basic 160s provides a simple and straightforward design that delivers when it comes to total protection in high-risk fields.

OnGuard OG078

OnGuard OG078

The circumstances of your job are going to be unique to the type of work you do. This means that you may want to review safety glasses that offer additional features. For some, this might mean anti-reflective lenses, others will benefit from glass that has been coated to be resistant to scratches. Whether you want enhanced UV protection or better visibility when in foggy weather conditions, the OnGuard OG078 boasts a number of attributes that can prove invaluable in a variety of specific circumstances.

OnGuard OG210S

OnGuard OG210S

Featuring thermoplastic polyurethane frames, the OnGuard OG210S is meant to deliver protection in an array of scenarios. Whether you’re dealing with the typical risks of a day at work or you happen to be in a field where conditions can turn extreme fast, this is a pair of glasses worth your attention. The OnGuard OG210S are also some of the On Guard eyeglasses that meet the standards of ANSI and received the designation of Z87.1.

OnGuard Guardian

OnGuard Guardian

Industrial environments require gear that is able to withstand whatever daily operations may have in store. The OnGuard Guardian is ideal for such spaces, featuring polycarbonate lenses that boast excellent UV protection. The glasses have been approved by both OSHA and ANSI, meaning you’re sure to feel safe with this option. What’s more, the design makes the Guardian incredibly comfortable and easy to wear for long durations of time.