The option of buyingglasses online, offers you a convenient shopping experience—you don’t have to laboriously traipse down to an optician down the street, a copious of inventory to choose from and of course, a discounted collection. Whether it is prescription glasses, progressive glasses or fashion eyewear, nowadays, we all prefer to buy eyeglasses online.
However, the process is much more complex than buying a pair of blue jeans or ordering theatre tickets online, with certain unforgivable mistakes characterizing a buyer’s journey, who sets out for shopping of eyeglasses in the digital world. What are these mistakes? Let’s have a look.

Ordering Eyeglasses on the Basis of Old Prescription

Consumers tend to order eyeglasses online, based on their old prescription, rendering the procurement useless in providing a consumer with the required vision correction. As a result, they end up wasting your time, energy and money as well, especially, if the online retailer does not offer a return policy on incorrect purchases.
The most glaring reason for this mistake is the lack of knowledge among the general public, failing to appreciate that weakened eyesight is under a process of dynamic changes, hence every optometrist advises regular checkups, and prescriptions in general are only deemed valid for a period of one to two years.
What You Can Do: It is advisable to get your vision checked by a qualified optometrist before ordering the glasses online, and use the latest, current prescription for procurement.

Shoppers Tend to Ignore the Impact Resistance of an Eyewear

When you have an expansive collection of discount eyeglasses available at your disposal, it is natural that you may ignore the impact resistance characteristics of an eyewear.
Considerations such as, the right look, the right fit and the right price, end up clouding once judgment, when it comes to choosing an eyeglass that should also be safe to wear. According to a survey conducted by the American Optometric Association (AOA), nearly one fourth of the eyewear purchases made online, reportedly fail to meet the safety expectations of the consumer, getting damaged at the slightest of impacts.
What You Can Do: The impact resistance of an eyewear lies in the strength of its lens. Choose a lens made from polycarbonate or trivex, when buying discount eyeglasses from an online retailer, as they not only provide crystal clear vision but also offer high impact resistance in comparison to other options available in the market. Also make sure that the online retailer, from whom you are purchasing an eyewear, is reliable and has a reputation of offering quality products.
By avoiding these two common mistakes, you can make a purchase decision that is sound, resulting in procuring the glasses that not only offer the right look and price, but also the right fit and durability.