Digital technology dominates much of modern life. Whether you use a computer for work or simply rely on your smartphone for casual browsing and social media surfing, you likely spend a lot of your day staring at a screen. While there are countless mental and physical concerns that can come from vacantly staring at a digital device for long stretches of time, blue light seems to be a specific issue for many. In fact, blue light glasses have become a popular item for people who are looking to reduce the impact that this light might have on overall eye health.

man wearing blue light glasses in front of her laptop

No matter how much you use your phone, tablet, or computer on a given day, it can be useful to take time to think about protecting your eyes. Look over this information and determine whether or not an investment in this type of eyewear is a good idea for you.

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What Is Blue Light?

Ultraviolet light comes in a spectrum of colors. The average person understands this, as UV rays are what give color to everything under the sun. As the name suggests, blue light is an ultraviolet frequency containing blue light. What’s interesting is that a majority of digital devices are said to put off a light that mimics the specific characteristics of blue UV rays from the sun. Since it is coming from an artificial source and without the presence of any other frequencies, it may be the cause of some health concerns.

The Dangers of Blue Light

Since a heavy reliance on digital tech is a fairly recent development, there is not a lot of research about how blue light impacts vision over long periods of time. Still, a mixture of limited studies and some anecdotal evidence on the matter has led to the introduction of an array of options for diminishing the supposed impact that this frequency of light can have on a person’s eye health. Blue light blocking glasses might be a practical solution if you’re concerned about your vision and how it may be impacted.

Digital Eye Strain

Of all the purported issues surrounding blue light rays, digital eye strain seems to have the most data to back it up. When the eye is fixed on anything for too long, it begins to strain in order to see. This fatigue, in turn, can lead to a number of other problems with the eye. Decreasing the strain placed on your eyes can be as easy as limiting the amount of time you spend on your digital devices each day. Of course, this is not so easy when you rely on computers and phones in order to get through work.

When you absolutely need to stare at a screen for work, school, or other areas of your life, investing in appropriate gear can be a practical solution. Prescription blue light glasses act much the way your normal glasses do, only the lenses have been formulated to reduce how much blue light gets through. By doing this, you can improve your vision by directly reducing how much strain your eyes endure on a regular basis.

Circadian Disruption

Another problem that exposure to blue light may cause is a disruption to a person’s circadian clock. All life on the planet exists because of and is dictated by the sun. Sleep cycles are no different. The human body works in a way where sunlight causes the mind to activate immediately. However, this becomes a problem when it comes to artificial light emanated by computer and phone screens. When you’re looking at your phone in the middle of the night, your brain is being tricked into thinking that you are interacting with actual sunlight.

Studies have shown that blue light can disrupt a circadian rhythm enough to cause a person to develop disorders like insomnia. If you experience trouble sleeping, it could be due to how much time you are spending on your phone. Experts advise swapping your phone out for a good book. Reading is an act that is known to lull a person to sleep. By ditching the phone and moving back to a tried-and-true paper novel, you can do wonders for your ability to catch some Zs. Blue light eyewear can also help if using devices before bed is a must.

man wearing blue light glasses in front of the screen


How Can I Find Blue Light Glasses?

Picking out a pair of blue light glasses to help with your eye strain concerns is a simple task. Explore the available frames at Safety Gear Pro and you will be well on your way to discovering the right eyewear for your needs.

Is Blue Light Really Bad?

Though there is some evidence to suggest the negative impact of blue light, these studies are limited. Until further research can be conducted, it is best to exercise caution when it comes to exposing your eyes to this light without proper protection.

Can Blue Light Cause Vision Loss?

While blue light exposure cannot directly lead to the loss of vision, it can encourage eye strain. The more the eyes strain to see, the more likely it is a person will develop common ailments associated with the eyes macular degeneration.

Are Phones Bad for the Eyes?

While your phone is not outright bad for your eyes, looking at any device for too long is going to lead to complications. Give yourself at least fifteen minutes each hour away from laptops and phones in order to decrease your exposure as much as possible.

Can Blue Light Glasses Be Fitted for Prescriptions?

Yes! You can easily have your blue light lenses crafted with your specific prescription. All you need to do is select frames that support these lenses and you’ll have eyewear that will keep you safe and sound.

While there might not be a ton of research on the long-term impact blue light can have on the human eye, there is a lot that can be learned from what is currently known. Exposing your eye to any light for long durations can have consequences. Do what feels right for your needs by investing in blue light glasses. By shielding your eyes from this light frequency, you are taking the precaution needed to provide you with peace of mind. Find a pair you love at Marvel Optics and give yourself the edge you need with safety.