When it comes to really enjoying summer to the best of its potential, a pair of good-looking sunglasses is a total MUST-HAVE. Summer activities are so much more fun when your eyes are properly protected against the sun and your vision not compromised. The best way to make sure your summer is well-spent is making sure your sunglasses are high-quality, properly tinted, and don’t strain your eyes.

Different kinds of prescription sunglasses are suited for different kinds of activities, and if you choose one kind for a purpose it wasn’t made for, you might stay uncomfortable throughout the day. Here is a list of the best kind of glasses for different kinds of activities:

Fishing sunglasses

Sunglasses that are used while fishing should have the properties given below to ensure a fun day in the sun along with maximized safety and visibility:

  • Glasses with rubber accents work well for this sport because they can keep your glasses in place even when your boat rocks a little too much.
  • Sunglasses with polarized lenses cut the glare and help you see better through the surface of the water to identify rocks and fish distinctively.
  • Hydrophobic coated lenses are also a blessing when you are fishing, since they repel water instantly for a clear vision in case your glasses are dipped in liquids.
  • Floating eyewear retainers can also be very helpful in case you drop your glasses into the water.

Hiking sunglasses

When you are hiking on an elevated mountainous area, you become more exposed to sunlight. This is why sunglasses used for hiking have very specific properties to help make the adventure hassle-free:

  • Sunglasses with high altitude lenses will protect your eyes from the harmful and intense rays of the sun.
  • Wrap-around frames are your best option for hiking, since they block out the light from the sides of the glasses as well to enable you to enjoy complete UV protection.
  • Anti-scratch lenses can protect your glasses from damage as you make your way through tricky mountainous terrains.

Motorcycling sunglasses

Motorcycling is fun, but it can be very dangerous if the driver’s vision is constantly disturbed. To make the endeavor entirely safe in this regard, you will need sunglasses with the following properties:

  • Foam sealed sunglasses are very helpful in blocking out any kind of debris from entering your eyes, as well as protecting them from the wind.
  • Anti-fog lens coatings will enable you to see the road ahead through a crystal clear vision.
  • Photochromic lenses are an exceptional option, and they adjust to the levels of sunlight automatically so that any time, is a very good time for riding a bike.

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