Between Prescription Eye Glasses or Contact Lenses

Gone are the days when prescription glasses were considered a huge scar on your beauty. Loaded with virtual try-on tools, online eyeglasses stores now provide a cost-effective opportunity to find the most spectacular looking spectacles that can actually enhance your overall look and persona. Still, when it comes to vision enhancing accessories, a major confusion that boggles the buyers is whether they should go for contact lenses or eyeglasses.

woman holding prescription eyeglasses

As we said, the aesthetic factor is no longer a major metric that can be used to make a decision. Depending on the product you choose, both options can make or break the look. However, the look should not be the only concern when buying contact lenses or glasses online. With the help of our experts, we have created a list of primary factors on which you should base your decision. For some people, the benefits of contact lenses will outweigh those of eyeglasses, for others buying prescription eye glasses online would be more feasible.

Let’s get started with the first major factor:


If you consider yourself a true “fashionista” , you must be well aware of the newest definition of fashion. It is wearing what you are most comfortable in. While it is true that contact lenses provide a better option for athletes and even in extreme weather conditions, the ratio of people who are actually comfortable with extended usage is very low. Since contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the eyes, it is not advised to wear them longer than 14 hours. As for eyeglasses, you can wear them as long as you prefer until, of course, you are prepared to take a nap.

Ease of Adjustment

If your new Marvel Optics eyeglasses have distorted your vision a bit, it is not because they are Discount Prescription Glasses. It is because our eyes take a little time to adjust to the new pair. For a majority of people, it is not longer than 24 hours. As for contact lenses, the adjustment might take longer mostly because getting used to the process of putting on and taking contacts is too difficult itself. It requires plenty of practices, and there are people who give up on it after multiple tries.

Health Factor

Many advocates of contacts keep ranting about how contacts provide a wider field of view and minimize distortion due to the way they conform to the curvature of the eye. What they forget is the fact that due to the proximity with the eye, contacts can actually result in plethora of eye problems such as infections. One of the major problems caused by contacts is dry eyes, and people have complained about computer vision syndrome. Eyeglasses are not associated with any known optical health effect. However, if the glasses are too tight, they can cause headaches. That is why Marvel Optics presents a comprehensive size chart along with proper instructions to buy eyeglasses online.


There is a multitude of vendors selling dirt-cheap contact lenses. Unfortunately, the quality in case of contact lenses is inversely proportional to its prize. Cheap contact lenses are made from low quality plastic that can badly damage your eye. If you seek high quality certified products, you will have to pay for it. Thanks to Marvel Optics, cheap eyeglasses no longer mean they are low quality products. The company brings a wide selection of discount glasses that are certified for quality despite their unbelievable low cost.

After you make a decision with open eyes and mind, take a look at our amazing collection of men and women eyeglasses, find one that fits your needs, and improve your vision while letting your eyes breath freely.

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