Should you go for Lasik or should you keep discount prescription eyeglasses online? The answer of the question does not depend on the monetary value associated with the decision, but on various other factors that contribute in the outcome.

If you have an eyesight related problem, the chances are, you must have heard of LASIK surgery. If you haven’t, let us tell you that it is indeed one of the most effective corrective eye surgeries. With a very high success rate, it actually has the potential to completely correct your vision and get rid of the eyeglasses, but like every other surgery or treatment, it may not be suitable for everyone.

Before we discuss how you should decide whether it will suit you or not, let us take a deeper look into the technicalities of this surgery.

Woman Having an Eye Test

Lasik – How Does it Work?

As evident by the name, LASIK involves the use of a laser beam. Let us see how it is used differently than previously available laser surgeries. For LASIK, well-trained and expert Ophthalmologists use the laser to create a cut on the cornea of the eye. The cut is made precisely to change the shape, position, or size of the cornea back to normal so that the vision is restored back to perfection.

The ophthalmologist carefully removes the amount of cornea tissue required to improve the vision. The procedure requires pinpoint precision, and that is the fact that invites a few risk factors to the LASIK.

Success and Safety of LASIK

Originally, LASIK was introduced during the 1950s but at that time the success rate of the surgery wasn’t much satisfactory. With modern technology and development, the rate of success is better than ever. However, for many people the success is still short-term. They require additional surgeries to get better result and to adjust the level of success and satisfaction.

As far as the safety is concerned, LASIK is considered a safe eye surgery except a few risks of infections and heightened sensitivity. However, it has been proven that the risk of running an infection is still lower for LASIK as compared to contact lens wearers. Yet, as we said before, LASIK does come with a few risks.

These risks include double vision, dry eyes, or cornea inflammation, etc. Most importantly, contrary to what most people believe, LASIK does not guarantee 20/20 vision. It may only improve it a bit, or in rare cases, degrade it further.

The Best Alternative

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