Your personality is unique, and so is your face. Then why do you want to get a prescription frame only because your favorite celebrity sported it at some award ceremony? Every person has a different face shape and contours; what may be perfect for you may not suit others. Poorly fitted prescription frames look and feel bad.

Whether you prefer frames that complement your face shape, help you create an exceptional fashion statement, make you look like your favorite star, or just make your feel comfortable, make sure to choose a product that meets your needs and budget simultaneously. Find the right discount prescription glasses online that goes well with your face and the overall personality.

If you’ve decided to buy eyeglasses online, consider going through the following secrets to buying quality prescription frames:

What’s Your Pupillary Distance?

One of the most critical terms and numbers mentioned in your eyeglass prescription is pupillary distance. The term is self-explanatory; it indicates the distance between the pupils of your eyes that is usually measured in millimeters. Wonder why this number is important? Well, it enables your optician to ensure that your discount prescription glasses are placed right in front of your pupils.

What’s Your Eyeglass Material?

There are three primary lens materials that are widely used for prescription eyeglasses. Since each material has its own characteristics, it is important to identify your needs and budget before making a choice.

Plastic is one of the most common materials used to manufacture basic lenses. This cost-effective material is recommended for individuals with light prescriptions. Another material that you may commonly find in the eyewear industry is polycarbonate. It is used to manufacture high-impact resistance lenses for kids, athletes, and individuals with active, busy lifestyles.

What’s Your Prescription Type?

Do you know whether you need single vision or multi focal lenses? Identifying your prescription type will enable you to choose the perfect eyewear material as well as the best prescription frame. Here’s what you should know about your prescription type.

Having just one corrective power, single vision lenses are usually recommended for individuals who are either farsighted or nearsighted, but not both. Multi focal lenses, on the other hand, are recommended for individuals who find it difficult to see close as well as distant things. These lenses can have more than one corrective powers.

What’s Your Personal Style?

Frame material, shape, size, and color all play a vital role in the selection of the perfect prescription frame. While vibrant plastic frames may make you look young, energetic, and hip, frames with natural tones give off a sense of finesse. Trendy, classic, retro, sporty, or hipster; buy high quality prescription glasses online that satisfy your unique style.

What’s Your Frame Size?

Eyeglasses that don’t fit properly can be just as awkward-looking and uncomfortable as loose, oversize clothing. Choosing the correct size prescription frames will enable you to look and feel your best. It is good to remember that frame size comprises of three main components, including temple size, eye size, and bridge size.

What’s Your Frame Material?

If your prescription frame is made of poor quality material, the frame may not adjust properly. Different materials, including titanium, flexion, and plastics are used to ensure the quality of the frames. A drill mount frame is the one that is truly rimless and optimally light.

Try-on Multiple Frames

Virtually of course!

While you may already know what size, shape, and color you should choose for your prescription frame, the only way to be certain about your choice is to try them all on. Choose an online eyewear provider that can help you try on numerous discount glasses with the virtual try-on feature.