Lazy eye or amblyopia, is a vision related issue that is different from the typical shortsightedness or long-sightedness. Unlike those two common issues, lazy eye doesn’t develop in later stages of life. It is actually a condition where the vision in one or both of the eyes is not properly developed by birth. Just like people suffering from myopia, people with lazy eye cannot see properly with one of the eye. Prescription eyeglasses can help them see better and online discount glasses by Marvel Optics are just as good as any other high quality glasses.

However, it is not considered a proper treatment as it doesn’t help in development of vision. One of the major issues with lazy eye is that early diagnosis is often too difficult as children are not aware of the problem. Born with underdeveloped vision, they cannot distinguish between clear and unclear vision. So, it is hard for parent to know of it until their children start their studies. Kids with lazy eye often face difficulties in reading and writing. They may also squint a lot when watching TV or readings something from far away.

How Is Lazy Eye Treated without Prescription Glasses?

Prescription glasses can help improve the way a person with lazy eye sees. However, since the problem is not related to the eye itself but the way it processes visual image, the treatment requires more than just kids eyeglasses. There are numerous ways to treat this issue and most of them revolve around forcing the eye to work harder. One of the most common ones is the eye-patch treatment.

Eye Patch Treatment

In order to get the lazy eye to work, a patch is applied on the stronger eye. Prescription eyeglasses are used to improve the focus in the affected eye. A child must wear the eye patch for three to four hours a day while performing activities involving reading or coloring. This encourages the eye to work, which can often start the development process. The treatment does working most cases, but it requires a lot of time and consistency. For many patients, doctors suggest years and years of treatment.

Once the eye starts working to an extent, there can be several surgeries that may be performed to further improve the problem, but it depends on the actual underlying reason.

Will You Need Prescription Eyeglasses after the Treatment?

While lazy eye treatments will treat the issue and improve the way you vision work, most patient will still require prescription glasses to correct their eye sight. There aren’t any specific types of glasses you would need. Just make sure that the frame and lenses are both of the finest quality.

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