No matter how cost-effective online discount glasses are, you can’t just lose them again and again. Unfortunately, most people who wear prescription glasses suffer from one dire dilemma. They keep losing their glasses all the time. What’s worst is the fact that most of them can’t even find their glasses without their glasses.

Okay, it sounds funny when we say it like that but in reality, it is the most frustrating thing that can happen. If you are farsighted, there is a huge chance that you won’t even be able to do your day to day chores without your glasses. Of course, you will need your glasses to drive properly, and nearsighted people won’t be able to read the to-do-list and run the errands they’ve been planning.

Result: frustration

Solution: New Glasses

But seriously, how many times will you buy prescription glasses online in one year, or a month, or may be a week? Even cheap glasses won’t yield much value like this. So, what you really need to do to find true value of our discount eyeglasses online, is to take good care of your glasses, and make sure you follow these tips to avoid accidental loss as much as possible.

1. A Case to Remember

A Case to Remember

Almost all Online Prescription Glasses retailer will deliver your glasses in a strong and sturdy case. The case serves more purpose than you realize. Not only does it protect your glasses against damage, it also makes them easier to find. Imagine finding a delicate and rimless pair of eyeglasses and compare it to finding a black and bulky box or pouch. So, make it an essential rule to store your glasses in their box whenever you are not wearing them.

2. Designate a Dedicated Spot

Designate a Dedicated Spot

Home, office, or car, designate a dedicated spot to keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses. Make sure you always put your glasses at that place whenever you need to take them off. One useful suggestion is to put a brightly colored bowl or box where you can place the glasses along with other items you easily misplace. This way, your glasses and those items will be easier to find, even if someone changes the location of the container.

3. Be Active but Alert

Be Active but Alert

Losing your glasses may not be the only problem that bothers users. The fear of dropping and breaking them also becomes an excuse for spending your money on a new pair. Most people lose their glasses during activities such as sports and exercise. It is good to be active, but just like your body; your glasses might need exclusive gear to protect them against accidents. If you are sports lover, get yourself a floating leash for your glasses. Also, make sure you Online Prescription Glasses are made from the sturdiest material such as titanium or Stainless steel.

4. Don’t Take them Along

Don’t Take them Along

You are driving with your prescription sunglasses on. You stop by the laundry, then at the grocery store, and then at a coffee shop. You enter the shop, take your glasses off, put them on a table along your keys, order a beverage, and leave with your keys and a cup of coffee. Half way to your office, you realize that you are unable to read the road signs clearly. Now you don’t even remember where you left them. Things would have been easier, if you would have left your glasses in the car, in the box, and at the spot designated for them.

These are small changes and they can make your life much easier. However, if you still lose them somehow, Marvel Optics is always here to offer high quality cheap prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses within the least possible time.