They say eyes are windows to ones soul, but we believe their actual purpose as a sensory organ is far more important than this philosophical mambo jumbo. Vision related issues may not destroy your soul, but they might leave you incapable of performing your day to day activity without the support of eyeglasses. Even that is only possible to an extent. Though bifocal glasses or high index are capable of improving the way you see, when your vision is weakened beyond that, there won’t be a solution.

That is why it is important to take care of your eyes and vision as much as possible. Investing in higher quality eye glasses is one of the key elements of eye care. With Marvel Optics’ cheap eyeglasses online, this investment doesn’t have to be that huge.

As the leading portal for cheap prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses online, we offer quality at the most competitive prices. And when we say quality eyeglasses, we mean not just the quality of eye frames, but also the lenses.

The reason we encourage buyers to get their eye frames and lenses from us is because there are a lot of other companies selling low quality products in the name of discount prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses. We want to save you from the ugly repercussions of subjecting your eyes to such harmful products.

Here are is an overview of some of the common side effects of using cheap eyeglasses with low quality lenses.

Your Eyes Need UV Protection

UV rays are among the major culprits behind vision related issues. Higher quality lenses always come with a recommended level of protection against the UV rays. Low quality ones on the other hand may only claim to have it. In a recently conducted survey by American Optometric Association in this regard, a large percentage of low priced lenses readily available in the market were found without any UV protection whatsoever. Not only do the UV rays distort your eyesight, they are also the leading cause of eye cancer, cataract, and macular degeneration.

Lenses Should Be Impact Resistant

American Optometric Association has also found out that a good number of low-quality cheap prescription glasses actually fail the impact resistance test. This means they carry a huge risk of shattering and severely damaging the eye in case of an accidental impact. This is an even bigger danger considering the fact that these glasses may also be used by children, who naturally are more prone to accidents.

Prescription Must be Accurately Followed

Your prescription includes a lot more than just a number. Reading the prescription right and creating glasses exactly according to it is a task that requires professional expertise often missing from companies that offer radically discount prescription sunglasses and glasses. In that case, you may not find your eyeglasses to be working as effectively as you expect. Furthermore, it may cause other issues such as headaches and nausea.

So, when it comes to cost-effective eyeglasses online, make sure you are dealing with professionals who are trusted for the quality and value they deliver. Learn more about what makes us the most trusted place for cheap eyeglasses online.