A Recently Released Global Research Report Reveals a Growing Demand for Contact Lenses Driven by the Increasing Rate of Vision-Related Disorders. Marvel Optics Aim to Offer Convenient, Cost-Effective and High-Quality Solutions 

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MarvelOptics.com, a leading online store that offers a wide range of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, has asked one of its experts to present a detailed analysis of latest market research report published by GIA. According to the report, there is a significant rise in incidents of vision related disorders, sparking a higher demand for contact lenses and similar solutions.

According to the expert from Marvel Optics, such stats, if true, can greatly help the eyewear industry. However, he stressed the fact that eyewear vendors should take the initiative to help consumers opt for highest quality options without exceeding their budget. He predicts that the rising demand will set many vendors and manufacturers to action, and the price of eyewear is also expected to rise with the demand.

Explaining how Marvel Optics aims to follow a different strategy, the expert said, “The GIA’s report had shared numerous facts that reveal how eyewear industry is going to benefit from the rising demand for eye care solutions. The total spending on eye care and eyewear will rise exponentially. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, our concern is to help consumers find convenient and cost-effective solutions of highest quality. As a customer centric company, we want to help you keep the cost within you budget.”

One of the major impacts of the rising incident of disorders, as per GIA’s findings, would be on the contact lenses industry. The report states that a large majority of people now prefer contact lenses as a better solution for conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism as compared to eyeglasses. While people prefer contact lenses for aesthetic purpose, new and advanced technology and material have prompted a sales spike throughout the world. While GIA’s report suggests that contact lenses sale will surpass that of eyewear, the Marvel Optics expert considers it a far-fetched assumption.

“As eyewear vendors, we know that people are still more comfortable with a pair of glasses rather than contact lenses. Despite all the technological advancement, it might take a few more years before contact lenses sales will surpass that of prescription eyeglasses,” the expert adds.

Sharing a geographical study of how vision-related disorders are boosting sales of contact lenses, the report reveals that the United States is currently the largest market for soft contact lenses. However, the rate of rise in contact lens sales in the Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest. Major market players such as Abbott, Alcon, and Ginko International have now expedited their efforts to infiltrate the Asian market that has a large population suffering for vision-related problems that can be solved with high-quality contact lenses. Overall, the report covers almost all major geographical regions including North America, Europe, Latin America, and major Asian economies such as Japan, India, China, and the Middle Eastern Region.

While Marvel Optics’ expert affirms the report’s indication of rising demand for contact lenses, he personally suggests usage of eyeglasses whenever possible. According to the spokesperson, contact lenses may not always be a very suitable option, especially due to a few hygiene issues related to it. “No matter how conveniently you wear your contact lenses, you need to take them off and let your eyes breath for a while. They can get dirty, and it is very important to keep them clean every time and all the time.”

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