Marvel Optics’ Experts Analyze Frost & Sullivan’s Eye Health Report and Discuss Some of the Critical Points Highlighted in the Document

leaves vegetables, a leading online store that offers high-quality prescription eyeglasses, has taken another step in its mission to spread awareness regarding eye health. This time, one of the eye health experts working for Marvel Optics has taken the initiative to analyze a recently published Eye Health report by Frost & Sullivan. As an organization focused on economic growth and development, Frost & Sullivan has based the report on the economic impacts of eye health.

The report was published in collaboration with the Council for Responsible Nutrition Foundation. Specially focused on age-related eye diseases (ARED), the report describes how proper nutrition can help people save on the high cost of ARED treatments. Adding his input to the analysis, the expert from Marvel Optics said, “There are age-related diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration that can be prevented greatly with the help of proper diet and supplements. As an organization working for the eye care industry, we congratulate and commend Frost & Sullivan for publishing such a comprehensive and educational report in this regard.”

According to the report, the total medical expenditures related to ARED in 2012 were around $16.97 billion dollars. By 2020, the cost is expected to reach $20.55 billion. Furthermore, the report also predicts that proper supplements and diet can actually reduce this cost by $57 million per year. The economic impact related to eye diseases are not just limited to the healthcare and treatment cost. These diseases may also limit the patient’s ability to work and carry on income-generating activities.

Two of the main supplements specifically mentioned in the report are Lutien and Zeaxanthin. Both Lutien and Zeaxanthin are types of carotenoid pigments present in high concentrations in the macula of the eye. According to medical studies, both Lutien and Zeaxanthin play an important role in protecting the eye from damage caused by oxidation. Suggesting some of the natural sources of Lutien and Zeaxanthin, the Marvel Optics’ expert recommends consumption of dark leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale.

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), the optimum intake level for Lutien and Zeaxanthin is 2 mg and 10 mg respectively. The findings were substantiated by around 11 different studies conducted in this aspect. Comparing the cost of supplements with the cost of medical treatment for age-related eye diseases, the recent report by Frost & Sullivan states that the overall cost of the supplement will amount to $23.2 million from 2013 to 2020, which is significantly lower than the cost of medical treatment as described earlier.

Sharing additional information regarding the effects of diet and dietary supplements for eye health, the expert also talked about the recently discovered benefits of coffee. According to the online journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, coffee can facilitate the renewal process of retina cells. “Coffee is known for a multitude of health benefits it offers. Its eye health benefits come from the good percentage of chlorogenic acid it contains. Chlorogenic acid is a very strong antioxidant and therefore good for regeneration of retina cells,” the expert added.

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