Marveloptics.Com Has Added An Innovative Try-On Feature To Its Website To Give Its Customers A Convenient Optical Experience

Marvel Optics, an established online prescription eyeglass store, has recently upgraded its website with an advanced virtual try-on tool. The company specializes in safe and customized optical solutions to protect consumers from low quality eyewear. With the new try-on feature, Marvel Optics intends to give its customers an easy and stress-free eyeglasses shopping experience.

When requested to explain the main idea behind the introduction of this state of the art website feature, the official spokesperson for Marvel Optics said, “We have always worked hard to meet our consumers’ expectations with our quality options, diverse variety, prompt services, and timely delivery. This time, we have taken our offerings to the next level. Whether consumers visit our website for prescription eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses, they want to try multiple options before making a choice. With the new tool, they can try-on any color, size, and style of eyeglass frames in real-time.”

According to the spokesperson for Marvel Optics, buying prescription eyeglasses at a retail store can be a daunting task. Explaining the purpose of the new feature, the spokesperson said, “Traditional optical stores intimidate many people as they make them feel obligated to buy a frame. With our new website feature, they can try on as many frames and eyeglasses as they want without stepping outside their comfort zone. They get a chance to check out the same variety at their own pace. In all, this tool makes their eyewear shopping experience more fun and comfortable.”

The advanced virtual try-on feature consists of numerous headshots that consumers can use to try-on their desired frames. When requested to explain how the new feature facilitates consumers who don’t want to use any of the given headshots to pick out a frame, the spokesperson said, “If you have a webcam, you can see yourself wearing the eyeglasses that you choose. Capture your photo and try on your desired frame with it. If you have your picture saved in your computer, upload it, adjust the given markers on your pupils, and enter papillary distance to determine if the chosen eyeglasses suit you.”

The spokesperson pointed out how low quality prescription eyeglasses can have a detrimental effect on eye health. “We know inappropriate eyeglasses not only are likely to cause vision issues, but can also become a financial burden. And that’s we we’ve introduced this virtual try-on feature to help you enjoy buying eyeglasses. We ensure you know how your chosen eyeglass will actually look on you,” he further added.

The company claims to offer an exclusive money back guarantee for all its products. The spokesperson made this policy clear as he said, “The major intention behind this try-on feature is to help our consumers choose the right frame, shape, material, and color for their prescription eyeglasses. However, if they are not satisfied with their chosen product for any reason, we can offer a complete refund.”

Marvel Optics claims to provide quality prescription eyeglasses at affordable prices. Several reputable organizations, such as BBB and FDA, have verified the quality of its eyewear by awarding the company A+ rating for its optical products. For more information regarding the website’s new feature or product range, please visit

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