If you think prescription sunglasses were the coolest thing about eye health and vision improvement industry, let us introduce to something even cooler than that – Eye Exercises. Eye exercise has been around for a long time, but the phenomenon has never been as popular as it is now. While it doesn’t mean you won’t need to buy your eyeglasses and prescription eye glasses online, it is hailed as a very effective natural method that will improve you vision and focus.

So, let’s see what it’s all about, how effective it is, and how it will help you improve your vision and eye health.

How Do they Work?

Eye exercises can actually improve the vision by correcting the refractive error to an extent. The anatomy of the eye plays an important role in leading to focusing errors such a myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. For instance short eyeball leads to farsightedness while longer eyeball is the reason behind nearsightedness. The size may restrict the light to go further or it may allow it to go too far.

Eye exercises involve moving your eye muscle in every direction and in circular movement. While it may not completely alter the size of your lenses or anatomy of the eye, it makes the lens achieve better sight at multiple distances.

Why Do I Need Eye Exercise?

Once again, the eye exercise does not mean you will never have to buy eye glasses and prescription sunglasses ever again. it will just help you see better. While many doctors do not believe that that it will ever work, some actually prescribe it to help their patients with the following problems.

* Inability to focus while reading

* Eyes that drift inwards or outwards

* Crossed eyes or lazy eyes patients

* Double vision or binocular vision

* Weaker eye muscles after a surgery

People actually have experienced a considerable difference in issues like blurred vision and eye strain. It is also recommended for people whose work requires constant staring at a screen. Eye exercise can help them relieve the macular stress.

Some Easy Eye Exercises You Should Try

If you really want to know if eye exercise can help you lower the number on your prescription sunglasses online, try it for yourself. Whether it helps you or not, it is absolutely risk free. Here are some exercises you should start with.

The blinking exercise – blinking helps improve the focus of your vision. People who tend to spend long hours in front of a computer or TV screen, tend to blink less and it can hurt their vision. You should take small breaks of two to five minutes and blink your eyes every few seconds for that period of time. Your eyes will feel less strained and fresher.

Near Far Focus – Sit or stand comfortably and put your thumb around ten inches in front of your eyes. Focus. After ten seconds, focus on something almost 10 feet away from you. Keep switching your focus and decrease the time you focus on one thing each time.

Palming – Sit and relax in a chair in front of your desk. Put your elbows on the desk and close your eyes. Put the cup of your palms on your eyes so that your fingers touch the forehead, the heel of the hand on the cheekbones and enough space for you to blink. Stay in that position for a few minutes and your eyes will feel well rested.

Continue these exercise to feel the actually difference in your vision quality. However, don’t forget to protect your vision through highest quality online prescription sunglasses at Marvel Optics.