“Mommy, my vision appears blurred”, your little one complains. A convenient next-day appointment is scheduled with a local optometrist, and as expected, your child is diagnosed having weak eyesight.
Now, starts the search for kids’ prescription eyeglasses. You don’t want to be driving your way across the town to an optical store—you want a more convenient shopping option. The natural choice you turn to, are the online retailers, stocking cheap kids prescription eyeglasses in different colors, shapes and sizes.
But, before you proceed, there are certain things that we would like you to know, to make your online shopping experience worthwhile.

Considerations to Make When Shopping for Kids Glasses Online

The Pupillary Distance

Does your kid’s prescription have a mention of pupillary distance on it? The reason we find this important to discuss, is because prescriptions normally do not contain any reference of pupillary distance. You have to specifically ask your child’s optometrist at the time of eye test to provide the detail.
Why does it matter?
It matters because pupillary distance is the distance, in millimeters, extending from the center of the pupil of an eye to the center of the pupil of the second eye. Hence, if, this measurement is not provided to the optician, your child will end up owning a pair of eyeglasses, the lens of which won’t be positioned appropriately. This would continue to put a strain on your little one’s eyesight.
There are mobile apps that can also help you get an estimation of your child’s pupillary distance. Plus, some online retailers allow you to upload a photo of your child and they do the calculation for you.

Bridge Fit Kids Glasses

Children do not have a fully developed nose. As a result, the glasses may keep sliding down, which can be a source of discomfort and frustration for your little one. Therefore, it is important that you select a frame which comes with adjustable nose pads or have bridges that comfortably sit on small noses. The former option is available in metal frames, while the latter option is specifically incorporated in plastic manufactured kids’ glasses.

Pick an Eyewear that Your Kids Would Love Wearing

Teases and taunts are part of life your kids will be introduced to when they sport an eyewear among a group of friends for the first time. This could actually make your child hate them – the glasses.
What can you do as a parent?
While shopping for cheap kids prescription eyeglasses, choose a frame that looks cool and projects an animated feel. It could be a pair of eyeglass with a colorful frame and fitted with photochromatic lenses that would not only make their friends go wild but your children would also love wearing them.
We wish you a pleasant shopping experience, and we hope you can find kids glasses with the right fit and the right look – all at the right price. Happy shopping!