Bifocal glasses are great for people who suffer from multiple vision problems. If you find that you need to use reading glasses, as well get vision correction for short-sightedness, you will often have to use separate products for the two purposes. Switching to a product that allows you the complete solution is easier and often provides other advantages as well. Here are a few reasons that make bifocal eyeglasses a great option for an all-purpose vision correction solution.

Multiple Functionality

These eyeglasses offer multiple functionalities, because they have a single lens, with the ability to offer multiple functionality. This is possible because bifocal lenses have to separate focuses that are built into different parts of the same lens structure. This means that not only can you wear these glasses all the time for normal vision correction, you can also use their lower part in order to properly read books and screens, without having to take them off and put on another eyewear product.

The Various Types

You can get bifocal glasses that have a particular structure of the lens, according to the way the user wants to employ the two different focuses of the product. There are usually four different formations that are possible in a lens that serves two different focuses.

The first is the half-moon configuration, where the lower half of the lens has an inverted D segment that serves as a reading glass. This is great for users, who do not want to shift their bifocal eyeglasses when using them in a reading application.

The second type is the use of a round-segment that covers the lower section of the lens. This gives a better field of vision for near vision applications. However, this means that you need to move your head around, when using the myopic vision correction offered by these bifocal products.

There is a ribbon segment use too, where the lower third or quarter of the lens may have a narrow ribbon area, which can be employed as reading glasses. The last type is when the lens is equally divided into two separate parts. The upper part provides myopic vision correction, while the lower part offers the near-vision correction. These are often termed as Franklin bifocal lenses.

These are some common bifocal glasses, which can be employed in a variety of vision correction applications. Try Marvel Optics and find that you can buy the ideal bifocal products for your multiple needs!