Marvel Optics is your source for the best in men’s prescription sunglasses. These glasses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays on sunny days. They are also stylish, trendy, and available for most types of frames. These include men’s aviator sunglasses, rimless sunglasses, and many more. With a wide array of styles and choices, here are some of the benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses year-round:

  • It’s easy to get prescription sunglasses since the RX number is already in your regular lenses.
  • Men’s sunglasses offer preventative eye care for wearers of all ages.
  • Prescription sunglasses are easier than switching between your normal prescription and non-prescription spectacles.
  • These glasses protect your eyes from UV rays which can cause cataracts and other vision problems.

Different Types of Sunglasses

Men’s prescription sunglasses have your own corrective prescription built into the lenses. These spectacles protect your eyes from sun glare and offer better visual clarity. This allows you to see better on bright, sunny days without squinting or changing different glasses. They are also great for wearers that have refractive errors and other types of common vision issues. Here are some more benefits of getting prescription eyewear at cost-affordable rates:

  • 100% UV protection for better vision and performance.
  • Sunglasses protect your eyes while driving, reading, or playing sports outside.
  • You can get sunglasses with different designs and frames that meet your lifestyle/budget needs.
  • Bi-focal, multi-focal, progressive, high-index, polarized, polycarbonate, transition, and plastic lenses available.

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Which prescription sunglasses should I buy?

When it comes to men’s glasses, your choices are simply unlimited. With a variety of frames, designs, and lenses available, it should not be hard to make a worthwhile and informed decision. However, with so many sunglasses on the market today, which ones should you consider for price, value, and performance? Here are some of the top sellers at Marvel Optics that continue to receive great industry ratings and customer reviews.


Broadview men’s sunglasses are available for prescription and non-prescription lenses. You can also customize these unique sunglasses to achieve the desired results. Broadview Wayfarer shaped sunglasses are ideal for men, women, and children alike. They are stylish, full-rim wooden sunglasses with eye-catching designs and optimal protection for the eyes.


Gilmour sunglasses feature sleek, brown-frames with durable protection. Designed for optimal comfort, these glasses feature a smooth blend of retro and contemporary designs. They are perfect for those that lead active lifestyles but want to look trendy and cool. Specs: Full-rim, rectangle frame shape, plastic frame material, and available for prescription/non-prescription lenses with customized options.


Junction is another popular brand of prescription sunglasses for men. With its cool and modern style, these half-rim glasses are made with sturdy metal frames. These spectacles are perfect for outdoor activities like sailing, jogging, or just spending quality time with loved ones and friends. They are also available for prescription lenses, non-prescription lenses, and customized options.
Finding men’s prescription sunglasses online does not have to be hard. Simply visit Marvel Optics today for a wide selection of top-rated men’s eyewear at affordable prices.

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