A study suggests that on average, 2000 workers suffer from eye injury on their job, everyday. Out of which 40% of the injured workers are victims of wearing wrong type of eyewear protection. For those who work or play in the polluted or hazardous environment, it is essential to protect their eyes from dust, wind, chemicals and radiations through safety eyeglasses.

Experts suggest that by wearing the right safety eyeglasses, upto 90% of all eye injuries can be prevented. Learn about some more information about prescription safety glasses to help support your eyes from harmful injury.

Why do you need prescription safety glasses?

Here are some of the major advantages of wearing prescription safety glasses.

Must-have for Industrial Workers – In different industries, workers face the regular threat of eye injury from tiny dust or metal particles that can fly into their eyes. This can also include materials like poisonous gases, powdered chemicals or toxic liquids. Prescription safety glasses provide protection against these materials as they are specially designed for workers in construction, manufacturing or metalwork departments of an industry.

An Affordable Safety Gear: If the polycarbonate material is used in glasses (the same material which is also used for window shields in a space shuttle) how impactful can it be! The fact does not make it a highly expensive safety gear. In fact, safety eyeglassesare highly affordable and customizable. Plus, these glasses are shatterproof and consist of impact resistant plastic.

All in one Solution: One of the concerns in old times was that a person had to switch multiple eyeglasses to support his vision clarity. Nowadays, a single pair of lenses can support all functions. From work to home or even an outdoor activity, your eyeglass switches from Rx safety glasses to sunglasses easily. All you have to do is add transition feature to your lens, available at Marveloptics.com

Best Eyeglasses for Children: If your kid is a computer games addict and is already putting a lot of strain on his eyes then prevent these radiations by getting a safety eyeglass. These glasses are consisted of a filter which varies in different intensities and prevent radiations coming through computer screen or watching extensive TV.