If you keep leaving your sunglasses on your dresser or inside the visor in your car, you are probably not doing yourself any favors. But it’s not your fault. Nobody has ever explained the rules to wearing prescription sunglasses. Luckily for you, MarvelOptics.com is here to save the day! Here are some things to remember for when you decide to dust off those pair of sunglasses for the spring and summer seasons (of course if your sunglasses are too old, you can head over to our website to buy a new pair  of cheap prescription sunglasses! :wink:

Never Wear Your Sunglasses Indoors or at Night

I think this one explains itself. You never want to be that guy, or girl, who refuses to take their shades off when they are indoors because they want to be cool!

When It Comes to Shades, Size Does Matter

Make sure you wear a frame that fits your face, along with your style. Being able to pull off the perfect combination of fit and fashion, can help a lot.

Don’t Get Caught Checking Out The Opposite Sex

Everyone knows that sunglasses are the ideal camouflage for checking out the opposite sex, while on the beach. Just make sure your lenses have dark tint so they can’t see your eyes! Marveloptics.com offers variety of tint, polarized or transition color options for your sunglasses

Match Face Shape

Be sure to match your frames with the shape of your face. People with round faces will enjoy square frames, vice versa. The right fit pair of sunglasses is the final piece of the puzzle to having a perfect smile. Check out this great read on how to match your eyeglass frames to your face shape.


Save Money

By shopping on MarvelOptics.com you can invest in multiple pairs of eyeglasses, while saving money. The prices are cheap and the material is high-quality. You can’t beat that!