While many people know that sunscreen is important to wear while out in the sun, the fact of the matter is that wearing sunglasses are also just as important.

Following are 3 reasons why wearing sunglasses are important to your overall health:

1.Sunglasses will help you to avoid sunburn. Yes, it is possible to sunburn your eyes.  What’s more, avoiding wearing sunglasses may result in redness and irritation, and one of the best ways to avoid this is by wearing sunglasses!

2.Sunglasses will help you to prevent wrinkles around your eyes.   Excessive squinting is one of the things that can increase your chance of getting wrinkles around your eyes.  Therefore, what is a good way to reduce this—by wearing sunglasses!

3.Sunglasses can help improve your vision.  If you need to wear eyeglasses, having a pair of prescription sunglasses from a company such as MarvelOptics.com is a great investment!