Half Rim Prescription Sunglasses

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Selecting the right pair of glasses can be a challenge for many. If you’re someone with a unique bone structure or sensitive skin, you definitely want to avoid wearing eyeglasses that are cumbersome or clunky. This is where half rim prescription sunglasses can prove invaluable. This is a type of eyewear designed to be lightweight and comfortable, making them almost unnoticeable to you as you wear them. If this seems like an interesting choice for your needs, now is the time to learn more about this option and what it can bring to the table.

What Are Half Rim Sunglasses?

Half-rim sunglasses get their name from the unique way they are designed. The frame of the glasses does not completely surround the lenses the way most glasses are designed. Instead, the rim only covers the top of the lenses. The main reason for this is the weight. By removing a chunk of the frames from the finished product, the half rim glasses are far lighter and easier to wear. Though “half-rim” is one of the more commonly used terms to describe these glasses, you may also find them listed as “semi-rim” eyewear over recent years.

Professional and Stylish

While a majority of people select half-rim options for prescription sunglasses because of the lightweight design, there are several other factors at play. Half-rim eyewear is also incredibly stylish. Some refer to this style as “professional chic” because the glasses can make a person seem distinguished, knowledgeable, and fashionable all at once. Half-rim eyewear is also the preferred choice of many who require prescription glasses, as fitting these frames with appropriate lenses is a simple and straightforward process. Whether you’re a busy professional or someone who enjoys fashionable eyewear, half rim options are worth exploring.

Half Rim Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

Are Half Rim Glasses Durable?

The frames on a pair of glasses are what typically provide enhanced durability for eyewear. Since half rim prescription sunglasses do not feature a full frame, the overall durability is slightly decreased. Still, the glasses are strong enough to withstand an array of unexpected situations and sharp movements.

How Heavy Are Half Rim Glasses?

As mentioned, half rim glasses are designed to be weightless. This is one of the features that make this option so appealing. If you constantly feel irritated by your current eyewear because of the way it sits on your face, a more comfortable option can be found with half rim styles.

Are Half Rim Glasses Fashionable?

Half rim glasses are incredibly stylish. The timeless appearance of this type of eyewear will give you an intelligent and fashionable look. This is a preferred choice of glasses for young professionals as the glasses create a look of confidence that helps to impress clients and coworkers alike.

How Do I Pick the Right Glasses?

Selecting the most appropriate glasses will come down to the shape of your face. While half rim glasses can look amazing on just about anyone, the design tends to lend itself to those who have wider faces, especially toward the jaw or chin area. By considering your face shape, you’re likely to find the most appropriate style.

Will My Prescription Work With Half Rim Glasses?

If you require glasses to see clearly, then you may wonder whether your frame choice can be fitted with prescription lenses. Half rim sunglasses are an ideal choice for this because the design of the frames makes it easy to remove old lenses and replace them with more appropriate options.

Picking a winning pair of glasses is no small endeavor. If you are constantly feeling irritated by the cumbersome nature of your current eyewear, then you might want to explore your options. You need to feel satisfied with the way your glasses look, feel, and perform. Give yourself a chance to conduct some research to discover more about half rim prescription sunglasses. Discover the different style options available by exploring the selection at Marvel Optics and find a pair you adore.


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