Rimless Prescription Sunglasses

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When the time comes to invest in a new pair of glasses, there are a number of exciting options available to you. If you’re considering rimless prescription sunglasses, then now is the perfect chance to learn more about the benefits that this particular style can bring. Developed sometime in the 1880s, prescription rimless sunglasses remained one of the most popular styles of eyewear until roughly the 1960s. Though other styles began to overshadow the classic rimless model, the style was made popular again by former Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs, who wore them throughout his career.

Unique Appearance

Buying rimless prescription sunglasses online can be a great option, but you might have a few general questions before you make the purchase. The glasses get their unique name from the way the glasses appear to have no noticeable frame. Instead, the lenses are mounted by a series of rivets that fit directly into the lens. The entire structure is held together by metal pins found in the bridge of the glasses, creating the appearance that the glasses are floating effortlessly without the need for chunky or cumbersome frames.

Professional and Effortless

The main thing to be aware of if you are interested in flexible rimless prescription sunglasses is that the eyewear is very delicate. By removing the frame material from the equation, the glasses are much more susceptible to damage from a fall or impact. It is highly advised that anyone who wears rimless glasses take extra care and caution when taking the glasses off or cleaning them. Despite how delicate the glasses can be, the style is still a great fit for anyone who wants to pull off an effortless or professional look.

Rimless Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

Are Rimless Glasses Better?

Many people believe rimless prescription sunglasses are better than framed glasses due to how many professionals have worn them over the years. While stylish, the “best” glasses for you are the ones that appeal the most to your sensibilities way that you live your life.

How Do I Select the Right Glasses?

Selecting the most appropriate glasses usually comes down to focusing on your face shape. Because rimless glasses usually feature rounded edges, most experts agree that they will look best on anyone who has a face with strong, squared angles. Still, any face shape can work with this style.

Can Rimless Glasses Be Polarized?

As with most modern glasses, rimless sunglasses can be treated for polarization. Essentially, this treatment helps to filter out some of the harsh rays of the sun. This helps to reduce glare and dramatically improve a person’s ability to see outside on a sunny day.

Are Rimless Glasses Stylish?

Rimless glasses are considered very stylish, especially in professional circles. Famous leaders in the business world like Steve Jobs helped to popularize the rimless look and it has led to a number of people in all industries adopting the unique and modern style of this eyewear.

Are Rimless Glasses Strong?

While the glasses are built to be somewhat strong, rimless glasses are not as durable as other styles. Though the glasses can enhance your appearance, you want to exercise caution when wearing the glasses in order to protect and preserve the delicate nature of the frames. This means you want to avoid rimless options if you are looking for glasses to protect your eyes while you play sports.

There are many different ways to go about selecting the best possible pair of glasses for your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to make a splash in a professional environment or you just want a change of pace from your usual eyewear, rimless prescription sunglasses are worth a consideration. The unique look and timeless style offered by this eyewear is sure to turn heads and boost your confidence. Explore the extensive selection at Marvel Optics to get a better idea of the right pair for you.

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