Rare would be the person who dons eyeglasses and does not care about how they make them look. You probably realize how important it actually is to go for a frame that complements your facial features.

All of us have very distinct features that set us apart from each other, and while they may even be striking resemblances sometimes, we are all unique and entirely different from the next person. When we care enough about how we dress and how our attire makes us look, why shouldn’t eyewear be given the same privilege?

What Specs can do For Your Look

We have all seen at least one person who wears their eyewear terribly; the size may not be suitable for their face or it may just dull our features, when it is meant to do the exact opposite. For anyone who is looking for a frame to wear, the biggest fear is often that of ending up with a frame that takes away your charm.

Anything and everything that you wear should always complement different kinds of specifics in order to look good. We can’t all rock purple glasses like some fashionistas, and not all guys can find a suave look with eyewear that makes Johnny Depp blush. The secret to an efficient eyewear search is not to focus on the variety of designs that the retailer provides, but what your face needs and what the shape, complexion, and form of your face requires in order for looking good. A well-designed pair of prescription eyewear, such as the likes of Alissa from MarvelOptics, will enhance your face-cut and make it more apparent, won’t dull your eyes, and provide crystal clear vision. The color of your frames is also an important factor which will determine how nicely the frames will suit your face.

Matching the Frame to the Face-Cut

When you are choosing a prescription frame to help your sight, you must always consider the following three aspects to find one that complements the shape of your face nicely.

  • Your Face-Shape should contrast with your Frame-Shape (For e.g. Oval Face-cuts do well with Square Frames)
  • The frame size should suit your face
  • The frame you choose must repeat your best facial feature (For e.g. a bright Green frame is very good for bringing out bright Green eyes)

Most faces are a complex combination of two or more facial-cuts, but studying the basic face shapes can help you determine which style would suit you best; Round, Oblong, Oval, Base-up Triangle, base-down Triangle, Square and Diamond Face-cuts.

The Color Analysis for a Perfect Frame

There are many ways to determine how you can analyze the color of your eyes to find the perfect kind of eyewear, and they include the fact that all people will either have a cool or warm colored complexion. The colors that our eyes can see are divided into two categories- cool and warm. The yellow-based warmer color schemes are usually more suitable for people of lighter skin tones since they can enhance their look and the blue-based color scheme work well for people with a darker colored skin.

Your own color base is very effective in making you look good, so it’s a good idea to stick to it. The color of your eyewear should never be your favorite color; in fact, it should be the color that favors you the most.

Eyeglass Frame Coloring

Once you have determined the perfect color for yourself, you will need to search through the colors that are available at your disposal to make a choice. The best colors available in warmer schemes are khaki, gold, camel, peach, coral, copper, fire-engine red, tortoise, blond tortoise, warm blue, off-white, beige, orange and more.

On the other hand, the cool colored frames come in a variety of blacks, silvers and grays, in addition to plum, dark blue, magenta, amber, jade, pink, rose-brown, and other beautiful shades.

For an extensive inventory of great designs to choose from, you can visit Marvel Optics to find great spectacles in a wide array of designs.