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Most people experience presbyopia as they age, making it increasingly difficult to see objects close-up. While reading glasses can be used to address this issue for adults who have no other vision problems, people who already wear glasses still need to continue wearing prescription eyewear to see clearly. Women’s progressive eyeglasses remedy this situation by combining three prescriptions in a single pair of glasses.

A More Seamless Appearance

Other types of multi-focal glasses, including bifocals and trifocals, have a visible line separating each type of prescription. However, progressive glasses have no lines at all, which many people find to be more stylish. This seamless appearance is achieved by making the transition between each section more gradual. The top portion of the lens is used for seeing long-distance and the very bottom section is for close-distance vision with an intermediate section in between. This makes it possible to switch from reading up close, to look a few feet in front of you, and to see objects at a far distance away without needing to switch to a new pair of glasses.

For a Variety of Uses

Progressive lenses are not confined to only being used with eyeglasses. It is possible to get sunglasses, sports glasses, and safety glasses made with progressive lenses. The main factor to consider is the size and shape of the frames. Generally, larger, wider frames that do not become narrow on the bottom are ideal. They are very useful for activities that require you to see and respond to stimuli at varying distances, such as driving, using a computer, and participating in hobbies and sports.

Women’s Progressive Eyeglasses FAQs

What Are Progressive Lenses in Eyeglasses?

Progressive glasses use multi-focal lenses that cover three prescriptions with one lens. This allows the wearer to see from distances up close, at a distance, and in the middle. Unlike bifocals that have a visible line between each section, progressive lenses look no different than regular single vision lenses.

How Much Are Glasses With Progressive Lenses?

Women’s progressive glasses are more expensive than single vision glasses, and there are several different options to choose from, such as standard or premium lenses, which can affect the price. Generally, standard types are priced between $175 and $250. However, at Marvel Optics you can get standard progressive lenses for only $49 and premium digital HD progressive lenses for $69.

Can You Get Women’s Progressive Glasses Online?

Yes, you can order progressive glasses for women online as long as you have a prescription. At Marvel Optics, you can match many different glasses frames with progressive lenses by choosing this option when customizing your glasses. However, there are specific frame types that are ideal for allowing you to use all areas of your progressive lenses, especially with standard lenses. For one, the lenses should at least be 28 to 30mm tall, and you need to avoid aviator and cat-eye frames.

What Is The Alternative to Progressive Glasses for Women?

While there are many benefits to womens progressive eyeglasses, some people have a hard time adjusting to having three types of prescriptions in their lenses at all times. If you have several types of refractive errors that need to be addressed but prefer to avoid progressives, you can always purchase more than one pair of glasses to meet your needs, such as getting a pair of reading glasses in addition to your regular eyewear.

What Is the Difference Between Standard and Premium Progressive Lenses?

While standard progressive lenses are designed with generic dimensions in mind, premium progressive lenses are tailored to the individual’s unique needs. They can take into account if one eye is dominant over the other, offer a wider view, and are less likely to appear distorted. Additionally, premium progressive lenses can be made to fit smaller frames.


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