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How to choose the right Computer Reading Glasses


Select the magnification that works for your normal reading activities. This number is to be used as a guide when choosing your computer lenses

Look at the screen

Look at your computer screen through the upper portion of the lens (your intermediary distance) to see the screen clearly.

Test Magnification

Lower your eyes to the bottom portion of the lens to access the reading magnification to see clearly for reading.

Field of view

Due to a wider field of focus, excessive head movement is kept to a minimum to access the different part of the computer lens allowing your eyes do the work instead. You may find that you still need to move your head slightly but much less than standard progressives.

Computer Glasses

People who spend a lot of time at a computer, whether for work or leisure, may benefit from blue-light filtering prescription computer glasses. Such glasses don’t just help them see the screen more clearly, but also reduce the potentially harmful effects of excessive blue light exposure. Such exposure could lead to symptoms such as eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and even headaches.

Filter Harmful Blue Light

Computer glasses work by filtering out the blue part of the light spectrum before it reaches the wearer’s eyes. Depending on the strength of the filter, anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of blue light can be kept out. It’s up to the wearer to decide how much blue light he or she would like to have filtered.

Prescription Options Available

For people with prescriptions for glasses or contacts, it’s possible to have computer screen glasses made using lenses crafted according to an existing prescription. In fact, it’s highly recommended for such people to go for prescription computer glasses in order to reduce eye strain as much as possible. Having the correct prescription can even help prevent neck and back pain by allowing the wearer to keep a proper, upright posture without having to hunch and squint to see the screen clearly.

Tons of Style Options

Regardless of whether they’re needed for an office environment or at home, for work or for play, an enormous variety of glasses frames are available. There are options which look just like any other glasses, with plastic or wire rims that wouldn’t look out of place at any normal optometrist’s office. For people who want something a little more distinctive, though, many frames wrap farther around the face or feature additional light-filtering lenses on the side of the rims in order to keep any ambient blue light from sneaking in through the sides.

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FAQ on Computer Glasses

How Do I Order Computer Glasses With a Prescription?

To order computer glasses with prescription lenses, simply pick a frame you like, select the “prescription lens” bubble, and click the “Customize lens” button. The website will walk you through options for what sort of lens you want, and you’ll have the option of manually entering your prescription, uploading a photo of it, or sending it in after you order.

Do I Need a Prescription to Buy Computer Glasses?

Although prescription computer glasses are highly recommended for anyone with vision needs, it’s perfectly possible to order a pair of light-filtering computer glasses without any prescription lenses.

How Can I Know if I Need Computer Glasses?

There are several ways to tell if you’ve been absorbing excessive blue light. Normally, the first symptoms include headache, dry or red eyes, and sensitivity to other light sources. If not dealt with, this can progress to blurriness of vision and even back pain.

Can I Wear Computer Glasses All the Time?

Whether or not it’s healthy to wear computer glasses non-stop depends on whether you have a prescription, what that prescription is for, and how strong the prescription is. For a far-sighted individual who requires a strong prescription in order to read text up close, it is not recommended to wear prescribed computer glasses at any time other than when they are necessary to read text and filter blue light. For an individual with no prescription, there shouldn’t be any harm in wearing blue-light filtering glasses unless it’s done excessively to the point that not enough blue light is entering the eyes – it’s all about balance!

Will Insurance Cover My Computer Glasses?

Many vision insurance plans will cover the cost of prescription computer lenses. Some medical plans do as well, and some companies will provide vision insurance to employees who work with computers.


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