Women’s glasses are available in a myriad of styles and designs. This includes contemporary frames that are streamlined for sleeker visuals and optimal performance. You will also find a range of lens materials, colors, and thinner or thicker frames to achieve desired results. When shopping for women’s prescription glasses, most customers look for frames that are stylish and fashionable. However, they still need quality frames that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Women’s eyewear can be exquisite in design and reflective of modern trends. However, these glasses must be able to secure a better vision for wearers of all ages. Similarly, women’s spectacles should be lightweight, mobile, and easy to maintain when traveling and on the go. With so many designs and brands to choose from, how does one make an informed choice? Consider the following when looking for the right eyeglass frames for women.

Frame Purpose

There are essentially two reasons why women choose to wear glasses – fashion and vision correction. If you’ve been wearing glasses for a long time, chances are you may need bifocals as numbers tend to increase with age. Still, glasses that correct vision problems are available in a wide array of frame styles. This includes rimless, solid-framed, cat-eye glasses and many more. By identifying the eyewear purpose, you’ll be able to find the right frames that meet your vision and lifestyle needs.

Pick great Eyeglass frames for women

Frame Size

When looking for women’s prescription glasses online, you will need a valid prescription. If yours is outdated, simply visit an eye doctor or a local optical center for an updated eye exam. The prescription will list the following to make the right choice for lenses and/or frames:

  • Sphere (SPH) – this indicates the eyeglass prescription power and how strong the lenses need to be for vision correction.
  • Cylinder (CYL) – this indicates astigmatism: a condition that causes blurry, distorted vision due to an irregularly shaped cornea. The CYL also features the lens strength needed to fix this issue.
  • Axis – this shows the direction and degree of your astigmatism.
  • ADD – this is the added magnifying power on the lower parts of multi-focal lenses. This helps correct presbyopia, which is an eye issue that prevents focusing in on close objects. For women that need progressive or bifocal lenses, there will be an ADD in their prescriptions.

Choosing the best frames does correlate with your prescription lenses. For example, heavier lenses may fare better with thicker frames – but that is not always the case. Selecting a frame size according to the shape of your face works well. While square frames are good for certain face types, round or oval frames tend to look great on most wearers. Aviator, Rectangle, Browline, or Square are ideal choices but avoid oversized frames unless needed. The key is to choose frames that accentuate your look but are wide enough to maintain balanced proportions.

Frame Color

When it comes to prescription eyeglass frames, choosing the right color is essential in securing the perfect contrast. Whether for fashion or business reasons, selecting color frames should complement your eyes, skin tone, and hair. There are many colors to choose from: black, gold, beige, red, burgundy, silver, etc. Look for colored frames that best suit your personality and individual tastes.

Frame Material

Choosing the frame material is as important as the frame itself. Rimless glasses are lightweight and look like you don’t even have glasses on. In contrast, metal frames are stylish but heavier than other frames. You can browse a range of frame materials when shopping online for women’s prescription glasses.

Right size Eyeglass frames for women