Most parents are usually troubled by their children’s constant refusal to wear eyeglasses. This often happens because kids find the eyeglasses to be a ‘misfit’ on their faces, which can make them, look unattractive. However, eyeglasses simply fail to compliment the facial features because we don’t select the appropriate shape that will best suit a particular face-type.

In this article, we will analyze different face types and help you in choosing the perfectly shaped eyeglass frame for your kid.

Matching Different Face Shapes To Eyeglass Frames

Three main points should be considered when you are picking a particular frame for your child.

  1. The shape of the eyeglass frame must be in contrast with your kid’s facial shape.
  2. The size of the eyeglass frame must be perfectly in scale with the size of the face.
  3. The color of the eyeglass frame must reflect the personal features of the wearer, such as a green frame in order to compliment green eyes.

Here, we have compiled a list of the seven primary facial shapes, which are; oval, round, base-down triangle, oblong, base-up triangle, square and diamond. Let’s go into a descriptive analysis of each one of these shapes and the type of eyeglass frames which suit them the best.


An oval face has balanced proportions. Therefore, it’s regarded as the perfect shape. In order to maintain the natural balance of the oval face, always choose an eyeglass frame that is almost as wide as the broadest area of the kid’s face. We can usually opt for walnut-shaped frames for this face, which are neither too narrow nor too deep.


A round face has the length and width in similar proportions with curved lines and minimal angles. A round face should therefore, be made to appear longer and thinner with narrow and angular frames. Rectangular shaped eyeglass frames also suit round faces well.


An oblong face is longer than it is wide and has a straight and long cheek line along with a long nose. In order to make this type of face look well-balanced, eyeglass frames which are slim yet deeper should be used. Contrasting or decorative temples also add width to the oblong face. Moreover, shield eyeglasses or the wayfarer style also best fits an oblong face.

Base-Down Triangle

A face with a base-down triangle shape usually possesses a narrow forehead and wide chin and cheek area. Therefore, in order to compliment the narrow upper part of this type of face, the cat-eye eyeglass frames or frames with heavy detailing and color on their top half should be used.

Base-Up Triangle

Such faces have a wider top half and a smaller lower half. In order to compliment them and decrease the width of the wider top half of the face, frames that have a wider bottom with light colors should be used. Rimless eyeglass frames best suit such faces.


Such a face has a broad forehead along with a strong jaw line. To make such faces look longer, frames with narrow edges and ovals should be chosen.

With this information in hand, choose an eyeglass frame that complements your kid’s facial features so that it will become the personal style statement for them!

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