Prescription eyeglasses are a necessity for improved vision, but as with other products, we find fashion playing a role here as well. The best men’s prescription eyeglasses are the ones that not only offer the required functionality, but are also beautiful in appearance. Here are the top shapes in this category, along with their detailed aesthetics.

Aviator Eyeglasses

Aviator eyeglasses are excellent for men who have round faces. These glasses are angular in design and offer the perfect solution to people who have a face with equal dimensions and the right curvature. Another advantage of this shape is that they cover the lower portion of the eyes well and are therefore ideal for use with bipolar lenses.

Rectangular/Square Eyeglasses

You can find cheap men’s prescription eyeglasses if you look at rectangular designs at any leading online store. These glasses look good on most people and are ideal for those, who want to break the rounded contours of their face and want the details of their eyes and the surrounding area to become prominent.

Square glasses, on the other hand, are perfect for people who have small facial structures and want to increase the prominence of their eyes. Straight edges really bring attention to the eyes and make the face look a lot brighter and centered properly.

Oval Eyeglasses

Some people have large, rectangular faces with drawn out facial features. They should go for oval-shaped men’s prescription eyeglasses. These are the glasses that are never out of fashion. In fact, most people wear oval or round shaped eyeglasses at least once in their lives.

Round-shaped eyeglasses are convenient for the eyes, since the lenses follow their natural shape. You may also find a number of cheap men’s prescription eyeglasses that are available in rounded shapes.

Shield Eyeglasses

Some people have truly large eyes and they want to decrease their prominence with the right frame. Shield shaped eyeglasses are perfect for such men. These glasses have a wide top portion, which gradually shortens down to offer a smaller bottom area.