When it comes to selecting the best possible eyewear for your needs, there are a number of questions that need to be addressed in advance. Rushing into the decision can land you with the wrong prescription glasses. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways for you to get the most out of your search. For one, it can be helpful to understand the main differences between a pair of prescription eyewear and a pair of fashion glasses. Having a general idea of what each of these options offer can provide you with greater insight on your own selection.

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The Main Difference

Though there are smaller differences between these two options, there is one key factor that separates both. Primarily, prescription options are meant for those who need to use glasses to see and fashion eyewear is simply for the look. Both traditional glasses and sunglasses can be broken into these two categories, as well. It is incredibly important that you purchase the correct option when searching for glasses. Investing in the wrong pair of Aviator prescription glasses can impact your vision and cause other issues with your health.

The Benefits of Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses are the most common option people search for when they are exploring different eyewear varieties. According to statistics from around the world, about 75% of the human population will require some type of corrective eyewear by the time he or she reaches middle age. It is estimated that about 164 million people in the United States wear corrective eyewear and the number is on the rise. The constant use of phones and other digital devices is said to be a contributing factor to the continued need for prescription eyewear.

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The Benefits of Fashion Glasses

Though improving your vision is an important reason to buy glasses, it is far from the only reason. Plenty of people enjoy the way that glasses look. If you’re someone who wants to spice up an outfit or put the perfect finishing touch on a costume, then a pair of glasses might be the perfect accessory. The key difference between fashion eyewear and prescription eyewear is the lenses. With non-prescription glasses, the lenses are made from standard glass or plastic and will have no impact on your ability to see.

Considerations With Glasses

Whether you are looking for prescription or fashion eyewear, it is important that you get into the right habits with your glasses. Studies show that non-prescription glasses can start to impact a person’s vision if he or she doesn’t consistently clean the lenses. People who wear prescription eyewear are usually in this practice because a smudge can seriously impair vision. If you’re wearing fashion eyewear for any purpose, be sure to invest in a cloth that will keep your lenses clean without causing any minor scratches to the surface.

There are many good reasons to think about buying a new pair of fashion or prescription glasses. Understanding the differences between the two can help you find the right fit for your lifestyle. No matter what type of eyewear you require, Marvel Optics has a design that will suit your needs. Explore the extensive selection and discover a pair of glasses that you can’t wait to wear.

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