There are many different ways to go about selecting the best eyewear for your needs. For many people, the choice comes down to picking a brand name that carries clout. Nike, for example, can be a fantastic company when it comes to manufacturing clothing and accessories for active lifestyles. Nike sunglasses are no exception. Review these best Nike glasses and learn more about which model may be best for your needs.

Man wearing Nike sunglasses while playing golf


Nike Tailwind

When your lifestyle forces you to be constantly on the go and engaged with physical activities, you need Nike prescription sunglasses that are built for such demands. The Tailwind is a perfect example of the innovation of the brand. The lightweight frames and polycarbonate lenses make this eyewear incredibly durable and ideal for high-intensity activities like sports, running, and more. The frames can be easily fit with your prescription, making the transition to new glasses an easy one.



Nike Maverick

Some people can’t help but march to the beat of a different drum. If you’re such an individual, you need glasses that reflect the personality you exhibit. The Maverick is another amazing model by Nike that lives up to the expectations of the industry. Though the Maverick is quite durable, the style is what draws most people to it. The unique design of the frames makes the Maverick a popular choice for athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts of all ages and walks of life.


Nike Adrenaline

There are a few key ways to go about selecting the most appropriate glasses for your needs. An option like the Nike Adrenaline boasts a durable design, with frames and lenses made from some of the toughest materials available. Beyond this, however, the Adrenaline offers a comfortable fit to consumers. You’ll have no trouble wearing these glasses for long stretches of time without feelings of irritation or discomfort. Plus, you’ll have no trouble playing your all on the field when your glasses provide you with a boost of confidence.


Nike Sentiment

Many threats face you when you try to give it your all on the playing field. From heavy sunlight to environmental irritants like dust, you need eyewear that will minimize the impact these factors have on your ability to play. The Nike Sentiment boasts an array of features, including enhanced UV-protection and lenses that are anti-scratch, anti-dust, and anti-fog. This keeps you ready to face whatever challenges come your way on the field without sacrificing your ability to see with the sharp precision you require.

Nike Stratus

Nike Stratus

When you spend most of your free time engaged in high-intensity physical activities, you can’t put money behind glasses that won’t last. Durability is key when it comes to selecting eyewear that can meet the challenges of your lifestyle. The Nike Status is durable and then some, with lenses made from some of the toughest polycarbonate materials available. The lenses are also durable, making it easy for you to give yourself fully to a game without fear that a sudden blow or impact will cause your glasses to shatter to pieces.

man running with Nike sunglasses


Is It Easy To Order New Nike Sunglasses?

It is incredibly easy to order a new pair of Nike sunglasses. All you need to do is take a quick look at the different models available to you at Marvel Optics and get a feel for your options. Once you find a pair that suits your needs, place your order and wait for your new eyewear to arrive.

Can All Glasses Be Fit With Prescription Lenses?

Not all frames can be fitted with prescription lenses. Still, some brands go above and beyond to ensure that their glasses meet the needs of those who rely on glasses to see. Take a look at the details listed with each pair of Nike glasses and start to get a better idea of how the lenses shield from both UV-A and UV-B rays.

Are Nike Sunglasses UV Protected?

Yes, Nike glasses are constructed to provide consumers with 100% protection from UV light. This includes both UV-A and UV-B rays, meaning that you’re getting full coverage whenever you step out the door with your Nike glasses on a bright and sunny day.

What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

There are circumstances when you need some extra protection from your eyewear. Nike polarized sunglasses feature lenses that have been treated for such circumstances. Polarization helps to reduce light reflections that can obscure a wearer’s vision, making the treatment a huge asset to most.

How Does Face Shape Impact the Glasses You Wear?

Some experts suggest selecting frames based around the unique shape of your face. While this is a smart way to purchase eyewear that complements you in a specific way, it is not a rule you must adhere to. Pick whatever style you find the most appealing, regardless of other factors like the shape of your face.

Picking the right Nike sunglasses takes time. Review your options at Marvel Optics and get ready to invest in a new pair that matches your lifestyle.